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Join us to accelerate action as part of a collective movement.

Documentary Australia is committed to increasing engagement with environmental issues and empowering action to protect the planet, using documentary storytelling as a tool to create change.

We know the far-reaching and lasting change that one film can create, and have seen how our strategic impact campaign support transforms into measurable environmental outcomes.

Launched in November 2022, the Environmental Accelerator amplifies the impact of up to 10 documentary projects over three years to increase awareness and action on a range of pressing environmental issues – with support from Intrepid Travel and others.

The first documentaries announced are Greenhouse By Joost, which follows renowned zero-waste crusader Joost Bakker’s mission to create a self-sustaining home; The Giants, a  poetic, cinematic portrait of environmentalist Bob Brown; Delikado, in which three environmental defenders confront murder and betrayal to save an island paradise in the Philippines; Rachel’s Farm, which follows acclaimed actress and filmmaker Rachel Ward in her journey to transition her farm; and Climate Changers, which follows scientist and author Tim Flannery’s global search for leadership on climate change.

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Program overview

The Environmental Accelerator supports environmental documentaries to reach new audiences and create lasting social impact.

On a core slate of 8-10 films, we provide strategic guidance and pro-bono impact campaign support, working collaboratively with film teams to maximise documentary releases, outreach and impact.

This can include:

Offers to join the program are made by direct invitation, with all Documentary Australia-supported environmental projects in consideration.

Accelerator Snapshot

15 documentaries amplified

5 impact campaigns supported

20+ strategic partnerships

7 screenings & events
3200+ in attendance

1500+ people engaged to take action

A campaign for change

The Environmental Accelerator is not just a film program, but also a campaign for change – connecting documentaries to a network of impact partners in the environmental space, bringing films to new and engaged audiences, and amplifying key calls to action.

Throughout the year, we offer audiences access to a series of screenings and events, sparking conversations about critical environmental issues and engaging audiences to get involved

We also take our audiences on a 5-week action journey, sharing resources and practical pathways to take action across our five key pillars – Connect, Protect, Transition, Support and Speak Up.

Join us to gain access to our screenings and events, and to accelerate action as part of a collective movement.

About the films

Rachel's Farm

Film director and actress Rachel Ward is not the first person you’d expect to join a farming revolution. In this triumphant film, Rachel voyages from wilful ignorance about the ecological impacts of conventional agriculture on her own rural property, to embracing a movement to restore the health of Australia’s farmland, food and climate.

The Giants

The Giants is a poetic, cinematic portrait of environmentalist Bob Brown – the leader of the world’s first Green party and first openly gay member of Australian parliament – and the Forest. Brown’s trailblazing life helps narrate the rise of the environmental movement in Australia, to ultimately inspire a new chapter in our relationship with trees. The film’s impact goals are to engage key decision makers to end native logging; inspire viewers to act to prevent deforestation and visit local and old-growth forests; and increase participation in conservation projects.

Climate Changers

Climate Changers follows Tim Flannery’s search for leadership on climate change. Where are the leaders who will drive change? How might they succeed where others have failed? Tim poses these questions as he meets global leaders from the corridors of power and frontlines of climate change.

Greenhouse by Joost

Greenhouse by Joost follows internationally renowned zero-waste campaigner Joost Bakker as he builds a self-sustaining home, an ecosystem that provides its occupants with food, water, shelter and energy. Filmed in Melbourne, Greenhouse by Joost is an uplifting look at the teamwork and ingenuity behind a paradigm-shifting project that bursts with life. The film’s impact goals are to create local, urban food systems; reduce waste and environmental impact; and embrace sustainable building practices.


Three environmental crusaders confront murder and betrayal as they battle to save an island paradise in the Philippines. Delikado follows Bobby, Tata and Nieves as they confront the biggest challenges of their lives trying to stop politicians and businessmen from plundering the Philippines’ “last ecological frontier”. The impact goals are to increase the visibility of Palawan’s land defenders; drive support for land defender movements around the world; and challenge corruption impacting forests worldwide.

Other films you might be interested in:

Our partners


We work closely with a network of impact partners to bring environmental documentaries to new audiences, and to amplify strategic calls to action.

The Environmental Accelerator is made possible thanks to our major partners, including Intrepid Travel, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Mutual Trust, Planet Ark, WWF-Australia and Earth Hour, Madman Entertainment and other supporters.

Interested to partner?

If you are a vision-aligned organisation or business, please reach out to express interest in partnering on our Environmental Accelerator program.

We use stories to incite action and create impact on vital social issues

Annual Impact Report 2022-2023

In FY22-23, Documentary Australia continued its commitment to empowering filmmakers to create and share compelling narratives to drive meaningful social impact.

The financial year saw a growth in the demand for documentary and the presence of Documentary Australia-supported films across various release options. Our commitment also extends beyond the lens, encompassing partner and industry engagement that elevates the collective impact of our endeavours.

Our dedicated community of donors play a pivotal role in our success. Your generous support enables us to bring powerful stories to life and to create real impact on the issues that matter most.