Documentary Australia

The New Joneses

The race is on to save the planet.

Director & Producer: Tamara DiMattina
With: Nat’s What I Reckon, Slatts Everyday and Yael Stone


What do Hollywood actor Yael Stone, sweary cooking champion Nat’s What I Reckon and screen legend Stephen Curry have to do with climate change? They’re on board The New Joneses, a digi-doco series that shows simple stuff we can do at home to be part of the climate change solution. 

When Nat heard Yael gave up her green card to lighten her carbon footprint, Nat wanted to know how to lighten his. Yael suggests an EV road-trip. Nat enlists Slatts Everyday (of thrash band King Parrot) to take up the mission to meet the peeps doing good and to share how we can all get onboard.

In the digital series, Slatts hits the road in a 100% electric vehicle. From Gippsland cattle-country, to 100% renewable-energy-powered Tassie, hipster Brunswick, to Broken Hill’s dusty-red outback, each episode introduces a new hero, a different part of Australia with a call to action for Nat’s ‘n’ Slatts.

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