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Carbon: The Unauthorised Biography

Meet the most misunderstood element on Earth.

“Beautifully interwoven story of life and death — of carbon, of Earth, and of us.”
– Professor Tamara Davis, University of Queensland


Directors: Daniella Ortega, Niobe Thompson
Producers: Sonya Pemberton, Lucy Maclaren, Niobe Thompson
Narrator: Sarah Snook


With Carbon in the news every day, you might think you know everything about her. But you’d be wrong. This spectacular and surprisingly unorthodox documentary reveals the paradoxical story of the element that builds all life, and yet may end it all.

Narrated in first person by Sarah Snook (Succession), Carbon: The Unauthorised Biography tells of her birth in the violent core of an exploding star and of turbulent sagas through the fabric of our evolving Earth.

Accompanied by celebrated scientists, unique animations and a stunning orchestral score, Carbon reminds us of our humble participation in the most extraordinary story in the universe. 

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