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“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”


At Documentary Australia, we are committed to building sector capacity and equipping filmmakers with the knowledge, skills and resources required to utilise and scale our model. We are proud to support the passionate, skilled and creative documentary filmmakers who apply for Documentary Australia approval.

Join our Filmmaker Hub 

Our Filmmaker Hub was launched in 2022 for all filmmakers of approved Documentary Australia films. The hub aims to meet our filmmaker community’s desire for more opportunities for engagement and the ability to share knowledge and experiences with fellow creatives. This private digital community, hosted on Workplace, provides resources via our knowledge library, free capacity building learning modules across a range of topics including impact, communications, finance, and evaluation, as well as channels for filmmakers to connect, discuss and share.

Upcoming Workshops

Our 101 Workshops are a core offering of Documentary Australia, introducing filmmakers to the philanthropic and impact paradigms with a mixture of theory and practical skills development. The three sessions are presented by our CEO Dr Mitzi Goldman. 

100% of surveyed attendees last year rated the workshop good or excellent, agreed that their objectives have been met and would recommend the workshop to others.

The webinar really enticed me to pursue philanthropic funding as an effective tool to help fund my film.” – Filmmaker

 “It was really insightful and will definitely shape how I approach the impact campaign … It was immensely eye-opening and helpful.” – Filmmaker

Wellbeing for Documentary guide

This vital resource was developed by Screen Well to enhance mental health outcomes within the Australian documentary industry.

This guide identifies common challenges and stressors impacting the mental health of documentary filmmakers and their teams. It then provides practical strategies and processes aimed at fostering safer and healthier workplaces and improving mental health in the sector. 


Project Resources


Documentary Australia Logo Pack

Offline Donation Form

Safe & Secure Handbook

Offline Application Form

Fundraising Resources

Would you like tips and advice on how to effectively fundraise for your project? Read our information guides, templates and snapshots of successful fundraising stories below.

Interested in submitting a grant via Documentary Australia? Read our checklist here and email NOTE: We need at least 4 weeks notice

Applying for a philanthropic grant

Understanding philanthropy

Private sector relationships

How to find philanthropic funding

Funding proposals 



Responsible asking



A Letter to donors



Defining your audience



Impact Resources and Templates


Looking to maximise the impact of your film but not sure where to start? These key resources and templates should help.

Impact strategy template

2-page impact case for support template

Press release template 

Evaluation Resources and Templates

We all know that documentary films can have powerful and far reaching impacts, but how do you capture that? View our monitoring and evaluation guides and templates below.

Film measurement framework

Monitoring and evaluation checklist

Monitoring and evaluation plan template

Program logic examples

Distributing surveys

Reporting template

Program logic template


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