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Youth on Strike!

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Climate change is the story that defines this generation, but Youth On Strike! is about so much more. This generation is connected to a global
community in a way that’s hard for older Australians to comprehend, and they’re committed to making lasting change.

– FilmInk


Director, Writer, and Producer: Rob Innes
Executive Producer: Mish Armstrong


At Australia’s first school climate strike, we saw a generation under voting age act on an urgent need to participate in our country’s democracy, despite being told to stay out of it by the community leaders who said, ‘kids should go to school.’

These students needed to be able to tell their story and they needed to be taken seriously. So Youth On Strike! put storytelling tools in the students’ hands.

Their vlogs provide valuable insight into what it takes to be a part of this movement, showing how students balance schoolwork and strike work, their struggle to keep the movement youth-led, and how they navigate concerns about extremism.

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