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Support Documentary Australia

Have you ever seen a documentary that has changed your mind or your behaviour?

Powerful documentaries can shift public opinion, mobilise support and inspire action, but they take years to create, develop and reach relevant audiences.

Documentary Australia Foundation is Australia’s only not-for-profit that fosters social change through documentary storytelling.

For the last 11 years, our small, dedicated team has:
• built philanthropic support for social impact documentaries
• designed strategic impact campaigns that empower audiences
• connected talented storytellers with like-minded funders, educators, policy-makers and community groups who have amplified their impact

The result is a thriving ecosystem, where diverse partners work together using documentary to promote empathy, awareness and action, and to further their advocacy and impact goals.

Support our vision to build capacity and support excellence in social impact documentary

Over the next three years we aim to:

1. Curate for excellence and increase the strategic support we provide to high potential documentaries

2. Build strong Impact Partner Networks in each of our seven Impact Areas:
– Environment
– Health & Wellbeing
– Human Rights & Social Justice
– Indigenous
– The Arts
– Women & Girls
– Youth & Education

Join our community of changemakers

As a small not-for-profit we can not do this work without philanthropic support.

Some of Australia’s most respected and forward-looking philanthropists and foundations have taken a long-term view and have pledged their multi-year support.

They recognise that social change takes time and when it comes to changing the values, mindsets and rules of a system, storytelling is foundational to creating change.

We invite you to join them.

Your generosity will allow us to:
• Deliver unique education and training to help filmmakers attract funding and deliver on impact objectives.
• Provide high level support to maximise the potential of a suite of important documentaries.
• Cultivate partnerships that accelerate change within our impact areas.
• Ensure the documentaries are widely used by teachers, community groups and not-for-profits for education, awareness and advocacy.

This donation page is secure and all contributions of $2 AUD and over are tax-deductible.

The security of multi-year funding enables us to plan and execute effectively. 

If you would like to become a multi-year philanthropic partner, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for supporting our work.



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