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Leave a lasting legacy for future storytellers and positive social change 

Everyone has a story… how would you like to be remembered? 

When you include a gift to Documentary Australia in your Will, you are leaving a legacy to ensure the continuation of the support of storytelling for positive social change.  

For more than 15 years, Documentary Australia has supported independent documentary filmmakers and held a significant position of leadership, capacity building and advocacy within the documentary sector. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue to do the work that we do well into the future. 

A bequest shows your trust and willingness to invest in the future of documentary and its importance as a tool to create lasting social impact. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact Sharlene Dadd at 

Help make a difference with documentary

Documentary Australia is a unique not-for-profit that ensures important stories are told, seen and achieve social impact outcomes. Find out how to join our community for powerful change below:

We support documentaries that inspire change across a broad range of issues

Our Programs

Environmental Accelerator


Documentary Australia is committed to increasing engagement with environmental issues and empowering action to protect the planet, using documentary storytelling as a tool to create change. Launched in November 2022, the Environmental Accelerator amplifies the impact of up to 10 documentary projects over three years to increase awareness and motivating action for the environment.



SheDoc 2023 will elevate the career of up to six female-identifying filmmakers per year, particularly in key creative roles under-represented by women. Our vision is to provide talented women with resources and support for their professional development in order to help elevate issues relating to women and girls with an emphasis on gender-equity in documentary storytelling.

Impact Producer Program

Documentary Australia launched the Impact Producer Program in 2023 – a new ten-month professional development program that aims to train the next generation of Impact Producers. This program is the first of its kind in Australia, developed in response to the increasingly unmet demand for experienced professionals to undertake this role.

Centralised Indigenous Fellowship

Launched in 2019, the Centralised Indigenous Fellowship aims to create a bespoke career development program for First Nations documentary filmmakers to increase their skills and knowldge and share their stories. This enables a the career advancement of a new generation of Aboriginal screen storytellers and encourages generations that come after them.

We use stories to incite action and create impact on vital social issues

Impact - Our Story
Annual Report 2021/2022

Documentary Australia met or exceeded its targets in FY2021/22, delivering on our strategy to support great films, great partnerships and great impact. The evidence confirms what we have always known: that the demand for, and impact of, documentary film only increases, and within the documentary ecosystem in Australia Documentary Australia’s role is unrivalled.