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Lara Damiani

Lara Damiani is a passionate, purpose driven, Adelaide-based producer and director. In 2008, with no previous experience, no funding and no support, she directed, produced and distributed her first feature documentary “Tibet’s Cry for Freedom”.

Lara produced and directed “Little Bang’s New Eye” (SBS, 2021) and “A Place to Call Home” (ABC, 2020). In 2021, she released “Banjo Morton: The Untold Story” – an interactive multimedia documentary and school resource. She has worked around the world in remote and far flung places including assignments for UNDP, the World Bank, Relief International across places like Tibet, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Pacific Islands and more. Lara is passionate about ways of connecting with audiences and impacting social change by making compelling purpose and character driven stories for traditional screen platforms as well as immersive and multimedia platforms.

Filmmaker Projects

Stefan Andrews

Discover a hidden world where guardians are fighting to save biodiversity and coastal communities.

Lara Damiani

A feature documentary about an iconic outback opal mining town on the brink of collapse and the eclectic and eccentric community fighting for its survival. In a town full of holes – can they dig their way out?

Ben Forsyth

An undefeated ultra endurance cyclist races 4000 kilometres across Europe in pursuit of meaning.

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