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vicky biorac

* Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Media Studies, Murdoch University
* Documentary Filmmaker, Camera Operator, Editor, Photographer and Television Journalist
* Own and operate an audio/visual production company based in Kununurra producing documentaries for Aboriginal organisations, Corporates and Government agencies.
* Freelancer on films, documentaries, TV series, current affairs and news in a variety of roles – Director/Producer/Journalist/Camera Operator/Editor/location Liaison and Photographer. Freelanced for Channel 7, 9 and 10, the ABC and SBS.

* Director/Camera Operator in Kununurra in 2021 on series 1 of “Our Law” – broadcast on NITV and SBS – about Aboriginal Police Officers working in the community.
* Freelance TV Camera Operator/Photographer – 2004 to 2023 – TV News and current affairs, Foreign Correspondent, Message Stick – to name a few
* Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor/photographer – 2004 to 2023 – over 500 videos produced for Corporates/Governm

Filmmaker Projects

Vicky Biorac

Inspiring Aboriginal people working in community services help others cope with trauma so that they can achieve success

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