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Liz Cattermole

Liz starting working in television at Channel 0 in Brisbane (which later became Channel 10) in 1985. Moving to London in 1988 to work at the newly opened British Sky Broadcasting she worked as an on and offline editor, editing sport, music and lifestyle programs. From 1997 – 2000 Liz also interviewed, reviewed and wrote her own music fanzine showcasing indie London bands. She returned to Australia in 2006 to start up her own editing and video transfer business. She now works in the not-for-profit space. Liz has an editor’s eye for detail and knows how to cut to the heart of a story having constructed many throughout the years but ‘Like A Lowdown Guitar’ will be the first one she has directed. She loves writing and is passionate about movies and good coffee and has been on the front barricade at way too many gigs. Now more than ever Liz feels it is vital to capture and document Australia’s alternative music history (1976 – 2000), fast fading from view as technology changes.

Filmmaker Projects

Liz Cattermole

Showcasing the life of Melbourne guitarist Steve Connolly who, along with The Coloured Girls/Messengers, backed Paul Kelly from 1984 – 1992 and whose subtle signature sound elevated Paul's music to early success.

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