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Karen Pearlman

Karen Pearlman’s ‘An Editor’s Anthology’, a trilogy of short films about historical women editors (2016-2018-2020), won 34 highly competitive awards, including 3 for best editing, 3 for best directing and 6 for best documentary. Her 2020 film, ‘I want to make a film about women’, was longlisted for an Oscar and nominated for an Australian Academy Award. The Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival special jury prize citation reads: “a film of innovative brilliance, celebrating the inexhaustible, essential tenacity of suppressed artists everywhere”. Karen’s editing textbook, ‘Cutting Rhythms’ (Focal Press) has translations into Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish. Her research has reached over a million people through ‘The Science of Editing’ YouTube videos . Karen is a director, with Richard James Allen, of The Physical TV Company, whose documentary, drama, and dance films have screened at between 300 and 400 film festivals on 6 continents and received well over 100 awards or nominations.

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Karen Pearlman

'Breaking Plates' is a raucous documentary about the not-so-silent women of early silent film.

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