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Visible Farmer

It's time to put a spotlight on the hidden face of Australian agriculture.


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  • DIRECTOR Gisela Kaufmann

  • PRODUCER Carsten Orlt & Gisela Kaufmann



VISIBLE FARMER discovers the untold stories of Australia’s incredible farming women who have long remained ‘invisible’. Meet Chris, the goat farmer, who has reinvented the family business into a gourmet success. Darrylin, an indigenous cattle farmer and WA’s Rural Woman of the Year, determined to create a better future for her community and Annabelle, a young pastoralist, who fought hard for her place as farm successor, when her mother never stood a chance. From remote outback stations to urban market gardens - it’s a journey that will change your perception of who a farmer is.
VISIBLE FARMER reveals the hidden face of Australian agriculture and the vital and innovative roles women play. The series asks serious questions about contemporary issues facing rural Australia and its future. Ultimately it empowers women to stand up and declare ‘I am a farmer.”

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Agriculture is facing a triple whammy: a serious shortfall of skilled workers, increasing pressure to produce more food for a growing population, ever more challenging climate conditions and yet currently its potential leaders are largely overlooked.

Women produce half of all you eat. Women make up 50% of the rural workforce. Women generate half of all farm income. BUT only 2.3% of CEOs in Australian agribusinesses are female - compared with an average of 17% across other industries. Agriculture has one of the lowest levels of employment for women. Narrowing the “gender gap” has become a pressing issue, which needs to be addressed.

VISIBLE FARMER showcases the untold stories of the women behind our food and fibre, and the vital role they play. It gives female farmers a voice to empower more women to step forward and help shape the future of Australia’s food production.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

VISIBLE FARMER puts the spotlight on two pressing issues: gender equality and food security, both vital for the future of our country. This unique series provides inspirational role models and recognises the diversity of women in farming and the vital role they play.
We hope these films will empower other women to use their voice, to help narrow the gender gap and encourage new generations of women to join the agricultural workforce.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

Short Term
Changing perceptions of women in farming and diverse and vital role they play
Raise the profile of women in agriculture by providing role-models.
Raise awareness of key issues including the “gender gap.”
Encourage sharing of the series online
Create awareness of women’s support networks.
Encourage sign-ups to the film’s database and donations.

Medium Term
Women in the agriculture industry are empowered to use their voice and are engaging in discussions about gender equality in the industry.
A rise in young women considering studying, training or entering the agricultural industry.
The series is used as a tool at women’s networking events

Long Term
Regional and national organisations offering more support for women
Increase in representation of women on agriculture’s rural decision making bodies Increase in women participating in new career pathways
Re-invigorating the “women in agriculture” movement and active engagement in agriculture policy.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

The films are freely available online as a shared resource to engage and educate the Australian public and be used as an advocacy tool by key organisations.

VISIBLE FARMER has launched new social media platforms building networks, sharing knowledge and the supporting women in the industry.

VISIBLE FARMER would like to create a 'Knowledge Hub' on the website to give women in farming access to women’s organisations and resources to support, mentor, train women in agriculture.

VISIBLE FARMER would like to develop educational resources and produce discussion materials.
The films can be used to help advance our partners' goals in gender equality at networking events, conferences etc


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

RRR Network (Rural, Regional & Remote Women’s Network of WA) have provided a Letter of Support

CWAA (Country Women’s Association of Australia), NRWC (National Rural Women’s Coalition), ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parent’s Association), Australian Woman in Agriculture will also partner with the project and have shared VF’s posts and promoted the trailer release

“Rural Room” have confirmed their collaboration and provided a Letter of Support

VF is connecting with online interest groups, influencers, blogs and forums such as AgriEducate, AgriFutures Australia, AgChatOz FarmWall, social media influencer Jillaroo Jess, Brilliant Women, The Rural Woman, Ask An Aussie Farmer and Future Farmers Network.

The series is attracting strong sponsorship potential within agribusiness.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?


Share the series and help change perceptions of what a farmer is!

Tell a women you know about the series and encourage them to become “visible.”

Join the conversation online and raise awareness of the issues facing agriculture and the vital need for women to join the workforce to create a sustainable future for our country.

Get behind the project and donate to the impact campaign to help continue spreading the word and to create educational resources for young women considering entering the industry.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Number of views of the web-series, shares, comments, and engagement via digital channels

Sign-ups to the VISIBLE FARMER database and social channels.

Anecdotal comments and feedback online and at events.

Testimonials from businesses, media, organisations and women and men in the industry.

Analysing and tracking publicity and media’s conversation on the issues discussed in the series in Australian agriculture including narrowing “gender gap” and “food security.”

A rise in women taking up agricultural courses or training

Reports from agricultural businesses on their workplace gender equality (analysis of the increase in women in management positions)