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Strong Women

Powerful and resilient women support and empower each other while rivalling to become Australia's strongest woman.


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  • DIRECTOR Corinne Innes, Alexandra Gaulupeau

  • PRODUCER Corinne Innes, Alexandra Gaulupeau



Strong Women follows some of Australia's top vigorous women competing in the sport of Strongman. These daughters, mothers and wives; share their intimate motivations in the sport and how it is helping them rebuild themselves inside and out, after challenging experiences with domestic violence, bullying, addictions and eating disorders. Through their personal stories, we see the women gain strength, sacrifice relationships, struggle with injuries and celebrate their achievements. There is something about the sport of Strongman that is resonating with women. The positive social environment, the tangible measure of growth and the empowerment of the challenge.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Two out of every five women were holding themselves back from playing sport because they felt embarrassed or intimidated. This series encourages women to change their view on their body, and celebrate it not for how it looks but for what it is capable of achieving. It is a chance to showcase female heroine role models in all shapes and sizes, while talking about a range of women's health topics (domestic abuse, eating disorders and addictions).


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

STRONG WOMEN aims to raise awareness of women's mental health and the impact of healing through an empowering strength sport. Through alleviating stigmas around women’s health issues and challenge gender stereotypes, STRONG WOMEN desires to see an increase in women’s health funding, a rise in women participation in sport as well as an expansion in the accessibility of the strongwomen’s workshop: Sisters in Strength.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

In the short-term, STRONG WOMEN would like to see a reduction in the number of women feeling too embarrassed to participate in a physical activity as well as an increase in reach of the strongwomen’s empowerment initiative: Sister in Strength workshop.

We would also like to see in the medium term that the documentary audience changed its judgements and perceptions around women’s health as well as more women feeling empowered to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

And in the long-term, we would like to see changes in women’s health program and policies to includes women’s specific needs as well as a rise in women’s health funding.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

We have the support of the community in Australia: female athletes, competitions organiser and top male athletes across Australia.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

1 - Spread awareness about the healing power of sport for Women’s health
2 - Host a screening
3 - Show support through social media
4 - Help to get the message in front of decision-makers to include women’s specific needs in women’s health program and policies

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

We will hold screenings for women experiencing women health issues, followed by focus groups to get information on their aspiration to join a physical activity, whether they feel embarrassed to do so or not and their feeling of empowerment.

We will also hold online polls through our social media before and after the release and assess how the audience changed its judgements and perceptions around women’s health as well as their intentions to take part in physical activity.

We will compare the number of Sisters in Strength workshops, its attendance and run polls before and after to access why the women came to the workshop and what they took out of it.