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Beautiful Souls

A single mum embarks on a crusade to understand the epidemic of child mental health disorders & inspire radical changes


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  • DIRECTOR Becca Rich, Wendy Champagne

  • PRODUCER Becca Rich



Becca Rich had been documenting her own experiences parenting a young child with behavioural challenges for four years, yet when she decided to go public she was totally unprepared for the avalanche of responses from parents just like her. Heartbroken, exhausted, loving families, frustrated with the health system, ostracised by schools and friends and worn down by the challenges of supporting different, “challenging” kids.

In this barrier breaking documentary, Becca Rich turns the camera on herself and these families to capture what it’s like living with children with mental health challenges. Together - and under the guidance of health professionals and frontier thinkers in holistic health - they undertake a radical experiment to explore kinder, smarter, healthier approaches to this ‘silent pandemic’, in the hopes of revealing a revolutionary path forward for these children and their families. 

In a world where different, sensitive kids drive parents to exhaustion, depression, anger and divorce. Where kids are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that inhibit their development and claim their healthy futures. Where those who do not fit in the education institutions, and are not seen for who they truly are, can and do end up with long term mental health issues, unemployed and/or in jail, Beautiful Souls tells a different story.

A love story, dedicated to Becca’s son and all the others like him, whose diversity may create massive challenges but whose gifts point to a brighter future for all of us on this planet. 

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

With one in seven children aged 4 to 17 in our country diagnosed with mental illness, this ‘social issue’ is a way of life for over 800,000 Australian children. Becca's journey has been a mirror of the struggles and challenges facing countless parents of neurodiverse children. In Beautiful Souls, we suggest that it may be time to stop asking what's wrong with our children, and start asking what's wrong with the systems.

While telling the intimate stories of individual children and their families, Beautiful Souls exposes 5 broader issues within the mental illness space:

- The lack of support for families
- The lack of knowledge and resources leading to constraints and failures in the education system
-The long term concern of the "pharmaceutical drugs are the most effective" solution currently offered by health professionals
- The insecurity of ‘future’ dreams for neurodiverse children
- The rise of co-morbid disorders such as anxiety in children diagnosed with ADHD & Autism


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

A visually stunning, and groundbreaking masterpiece, Beautiful Souls is much more than a heartwarming, true story of love, resilience, and hope for humanity. Using the magnificent backdrop of the Northern Rivers, NSW in Australia, with striking animation from Victor Hugo, and hand selected music from world renowned artists, this film is a full, multi-sensory experience leaving a positive, everlasting, emotional impact on the audience.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

Short Term Outcomes:

- Help alleviate parents' anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling alone on their journey
- Bringing awareness to the issue of mental health misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and the associated, significant, long term side effects
- Provide effective, natural solutions that families can access to alleviate their suffering
- Bring awareness to the major mental health crisis and a different way of preventing and treating it
- For communities to accept and embrace these beautiful families, who have previously felt shamed and isolated

Long Term Outcomes:

- Changing policies associated with the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders
- Introduction of Government programmes in conscious parenting for expectant parents
- Provide neurodiverse children with an alternative to traditional mainstream schooling, so that medication is not required


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Due to it’s unique combination of stunning visuals, vulnerable storytelling, powerful music, relatable characters, and Becca’s raw and heartfelt archival video footage, this film will be groundbreaking and award-winning, disseminated worldwide through the various distribution, educational and community channels.

In addition, the film will:

- Partner with value-aligned businesses and influencers/change makers
- Raise the level of viewer participation and discussion through Q & A screening and media initiatives
- Offer a voice to all the unseen parents and their children - who have been sidelined up to now - the film will open the floodgates of emotion both within communities and schools and unleash the waves of conversation that need to take place
- Test and hone the solution and social impact campaign throughout the filming so that it is available for viewers to access after the film is broadcast


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

We are in the process of gathering partners and stakeholders who will be selected for their like-minded values to ensure the overall mission and vision of the film is achieved.

As a social impact film, we will be engaging with charitable partners to amplify their causes.

We will also be developing a cohort of ambassadors and influencers who will support the film’s main themes through their communities and social media channels, leading up to and after the film’s release.

If you are interested in becoming one of our partners or ambassadors, please use the Contact Filmmaker link above in the black box, next to the Beautiful Souls image.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

After audiences view the documentary film, they will: 

- Discuss and share with their contacts
 and communities
- Learn new ways to manage and prevent their mental health challenges
- Sign up their support to the "mental wellness" impact campaign that follows

- Attend the film tours
- Book into the Holistic Family Retreats
- Sign up for the Home Education Service
- Sign up for the Conscious Parenting Programme
- Medical professionals will examine and modify the way children are diagnosed and treated with mental health problems.
- The results from the "social experiment" will help formulate new government policies
- The research obtained whilst searching for the families that are participating in the film, will help organisations tailor-make their offerings to help more families now, and in the future

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

The indicators for success will be:

- World wide distribution across all platforms - in film theatres, festivals, TV screens, small screens, digital streaming platforms, and then augmented by media coverage and public debate

- Policy changes to the way mental health disorders are diagnosed and treated

- The amount of comments, engagement and shares on social media

- The levels of uptake of the holistic home education programme, holistic healing solution, and conscious parenting course

- Sold out film tours

- The number of film awards and accolades won