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Human Nature got us into this mess, and only human nature can get us out of it!


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  • DIRECTOR Johan Gabrielsson

  • PRODUCER Mark Forstmann



Tim Flannery investigates how the politics of the global climate change negotiations determines our planet’s future…Human Nature got us into this mess, and only Human Nature can get us out of it.

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  • October 2021

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Paradice Investment Management $20,000.00
Mark Carnegie $52,632.00
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Paradice Family Foundation $35,000.00
ACF A/C Keith and Jeanette Ince $15,000.00
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ACME Foundation $25,000.00
Pace Foundation $10,000.00
Diversicon Environmental Foundation $7,000.00
Galexer Pty Ltd $5,000.00
Electra Wiggs $7,500.00
Justin Punch $5,000.00
Phillip Cornwell $1,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Susan Mathews $1,000.00
Anna Josephson $4,000.00
ANONYMOUS $10,000.00

Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

The world remains polarized on climate change, yet the environmental damage being wrought by humans continues inexorably. The pace is accelerating. Tim Flannery speaks with authority and gentle persuasion like few others in Australia. The scale is of the problem is global, but the solutions are bestowed on each of us. It reaches every aspect of our lives. Every year lost in not acting doubles the need for action in the next year. Tim’s enthusiasm and willpower is riveting- it is a call to action. Despite so many understanding the problem, there remains a greater number actively denying or not caring enough for change. This is a wake-up call for action. Not to give up. Every one of us needs to be part of the solution.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

Our film needs to inspire us all to action. That might mean changing our personal ways but as important is to influence and advocate for change with everyone around us. Too many people, companies, and governments hide behind the group. There can be no more hiding. This film is about HOPE for change and inspiring ACTION now. The themes and narrative of 2 DEGREES of HUMAN NATUREs should inspire, engage, and invite viewers to take action.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

Our primary goal is awareness with skeptics. For too long they’ve held back action for the whole community. We want to stir up the skeptics and then give them solutions so it’s not in the too-hard basket. In the Short-Term we expect attitudinal shifts in the audience, heightened discussion online, good publicity for Flannery and the film. We want skeptic politicians to feel the HEAT. We’ll partner with key green groups (mentioned above) to spread the outreach with targeted on-demand screening and Flannery’s ongoing publicity. Our goal is broad awareness. Medium/Long-term outcomes will be increased awareness in political circles, business/investment community, leading to investment in solutions and divestment from fossil fuels. We seek behavioral change at the corporate level. These practical measures make QUANTUM differences. Green groups should get a boost in fundraising. We producers will invest heavily in outreach, as we share Tim’s core message of enduring action on climate change.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

In the film Flannery enters dialogue with communities: from landowners, workers, fossil fuel companies to government. In so doing the film starts an ongoing dialogue with society. It enhances themes and outreach of Inconvenient Truth, 2040, Kissing The Ground, by exploring Australia’s problems and the solutions as a global case study. Flannery is best accredited with his integrity, knowledge, and watchability to cut through our society’s hypocrisies. His message is a practical guide to action: 1) one’s own footprint, and 2) use one’s influence to change opinion. Influence a pollie. Invest your superfund in renewables. Consume the solutions, not the problem. Our partnerships with ACF, Climate Project, GroundSwell, Bush Heritage will inspire activist groups. We’ll engage 1) high school education departments, 2) superannuation funds such as Future Super, 3) use social media, multi-platform strategies to target consumers, influencers and decision makers.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Producer Mark Forstmann has long-standing relationships with Climate Project since 2007, and with ACF and BushHeritage through ethical investment industry. He’s also worked with Simon Sheik at Future Super. Mark was on the board of Nature Conservation Trust of NSW. His cred for climate science and action has secured Tim Flannery to our project. Director Johan Gabrielsson has worked on other climate-related documentaries. The urgent and heartfelt approach to the film is borne from the creators’ history and knowledge of the subject matter. Our executive producers have deep backgrounds in philanthropic fundraising – as part of any funding to the film, our donors will expect an ongoing outreach program.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

All the above statements attest that the experience of seeing this film will be a Call to Arms. Tim Flannery’s climate journey, the film’s target audience, the release strategy, the partnerships with green advocacy groups and green financial groups all speak to taking Action. The audience is enthused into being Action Heroes to change society, becoming agents for affecting their futures. For too long, we have been observers, so this film is about action – “Hope is a renewable resource.” Actions can be: hosting a screening, donating to the cause, switching to renewables, investing in solutions, confront pollies, get in front of the decision-makers. Each audience member will be invited to an enduring commitment to change. Our messaging will be as inclusive as possible.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Foremost will be a positive response to seeing the film, and positive word of mouth. It’s a message and impact film so if audiences engage with the film and recommend it (like Inconvenient Truth) then that’s success. Beyond that we want people to become Climate Action Heroes. Our social media campaign will be about inspiring and supporting each viewer to continue the fight, both with personal actions and influences. We’re committed to supporting the outreach campaign with a savvy social media coordinator. We will measure our success by the viewer’s engagement with our platforms, by the actions that each of our Heroes makes. We recognize this movement needs a viral response – we’ll use social-media data analytics to measure our success. We’ll also seek out personal testimonials from viewers from diverse backgrounds. The more audience-driven content, the better, as the goal of the film is to create dialogue. Good dialogue creates change.