PUBLISHED22 Mar 2023

New Projects – March 2023

Check out the latest projects on Documentary Australia's platform.

The following films were approved in the last round of applications for fiscal sponsorship and are now live and accepting donations through our platform.

Waiting Room
Australian singer/songwriter Emma Dean navigates her fourth round of IVF and releases her new album to a sold out crowd.

On The Fence (Reimagining agriculture)
Aussie farmers are doing it tougher than ever before. Can regenerative agriculture transform our food system?

Contestants from around the world purse their lips to vie for the glory of being crowned The World Whistling Champion.

One-Year Lease
A funny and factual look at the disrupted lives – and communities – of the millions of renters in Australia.

On the Fence (Dingo)
Will we let another apex predator face the same fate as the Thylacine or will we stop history from repeating itself?

Los Puesteros
An intimate and mesmerising portrait of Chilean Gauchos who are faced with the end of their semi-nomadic way of life.

All That We Are 
When 30 untrained volunteers co-create an aerial spectacular, fear of heights is not the only challenge they overcome.