PUBLISHED07 Jun 2024

For All The World To See is being restored

For All The World To See – A Restoration Project

For All The World To See is the superbly told story of Professor Fred Hollows’ life and work. Now, more than 30 years after it was made, For All The World To See is being restored. This restoration is crucial to make sure the film is not lost.

“It is very important for me to make sure the film is preserved using the fantastic technology we have today. This will restore the dynamic quality of Fred Hollow’s story so that many more people can be inspired, and the screenings of the film can help raise funds to further the work of the Foundation he began.”

Pat Fiske OAM, Director/Producer of For All the World To See

Like the many people whose lives, health and well-being Fred Hollows has affected in positive ways, audiences of For All the World to See have been inspired by Hollows and his passion to right wrongs, speak his mind and work for others to have a better life. This restoration will facilitate use of the film for its work of raising more money for ending avoidable blindness in the world.

“It’s fantastic to witness the continued importance of documentary and the ability that it has to make a difference today and everyday. To think that the first version of this documentary was released 30 years ago and to be able to support such a valued filmmaker and the restoration of this project, that’s what we really hope for at Documentary Australia. Lasting change and lasting impact.”

Documentary Australia

Pictured above: Left – Pat Fiske, Fred Hollows and Gabi Hollows. Right – Mitzi Goldman, Pat Fiske, Margorie O’Neill MP.