Documentary Australia

Impact Learning Modules

Through this new program, we aim to share the knowledge base and expertise we have built over the last 15 years to support people applying their social advocacy experience to strategise, fundraise and leverage documentaries to create change on pressing social issues.   

Under the guidance of the Documentary Australia team, the program supports participants to apply the skills gained through the modules, masterclasses, and mentorships directly to documentaries.  


Participants will complete eight prescribed learning modules across the following areas:  

  1. Documentary Storytelling for Social Change: Our ecosystem 
  2. Introduction to Impact Producing
  3. Impact Strategy Development
  4. Fundraising and Partnerships
  5. Impact in Practice: Campaign implementation and outreach
  6. Communications for Impact
  7. Budgeting and Finance
  8. Evaluating Films and Impact Campaigns  

We have also curated a list of further readings, screenings, talks and other resources on related topics to inspire the development of personal leadership.  


Participants will receive mentorship from team members across organisational speciality areas.  In addition, participants will receive specialist masterclasses with other industry experts and professionals in our extensive sector network.   


Participants will be provided with the opportunity to put their learning into practice under the guidance of the Documentary Australia Impact & Evaluation Department to develop their skills and experience in a hands-on setting. Participants will be attached to documentary films to support the design and implementation of their impact campaigns.