Documentary Australia

Information for approved films

How we use your information & updates

How the information you submit to us is used to help you out:

  • Your Address details – you will get invited to relevant workshops and events in your State
  • Your film ‘Stage’ – If you change your film to completed/outreach we will know your film is finished and you will be eligible to be on our ‘Watch Lists’ which also includes us alerting our distribution partners (such as Madman’s DocPlay platform) that your film is available to see or be publicised.
  • Your fundraising target and updated needs, keep us informed if you are needing funds and what for, so we can speak to funders on your behalf
  • Updating your screenings – your screenings will be promoted via our quarterly newsletter, our website and on our social media channels – this is a great way for potential donors to see your film. They might get behind your impact campaign.
  • General film updates – keeps us in the loop with how your film is going and gives us opportunities to feature your achievements in our newsletter, website and when talking to donors
  • Your teaser/trailer – is really important to help us in communicating with funders. You may even be selected to feature at our Trailer Trash events

How we use your evaluation data

Each year we will undertake an annual evaluation around July-August. We will send you a survey that you will need to complete to let us know how your project is going and track your impact. The information we collect is critical for both you and Documentary Australia. The data will:

  • Help potential funders and investors know you deliver results
  • Help us report to funders
  • Help impact partners understand how you deliver results
  • You may be featured in Documentary Australia’s Year Review
  • You may be selected for a News Story
  • You may be selected as a detailed case study and published with one of our publishing partners
  • You may be selected as an example or to participate in our filmmaker training programs