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Sometimes the most terrifying ghosts are you own


A Western Sydney security guard and part-time ghost hunter, Jason King, has spent two decades searching for his absent father. As a survivor of trauma, he seeks to reconcile his fractured memories and piece together his past. When his search converges with a police investigation, a family secret is exposed – forcing him to confront a brutal past in order to claim his future.


1.4 million on social media, 12 Festivals, 11k website visitors, 30+ screenings


Multiple nominations and awards including Best Documentary Film broadcast on SBS Television and podcast commissioned by Audible, “4.5 stars…The most moving and unexpected journey.” - Margaret Pomeranz, Foxtel Arts


"Ghosthunter is a rare and honest depiction of the complexities of the struggle so many Australians experience in their recovery from different traumas in their childhood." - Dr Cathy Kezelman, Blue Knot Foundation


Educational Screening Guide and Fact Sheets used at Universities, Professional Development Modules used across Australia

Outcome Snapshot

Ghosthunter shines a light on the impact and often ongoing complex issues associated with childhood trauma but also depicts Jason and Cathy’s journey to recovery and healing, and highlights the resilience and resourcefulness of survivors. As we discovered working with key partners like Blue Knot Foundation, SAMSN, FACS and ECAV, the film and the impact materials proved to be powerful and much-needed case studies for professionals who are providing trauma-informed training. The film and podcast were also a fantastic tool for University educators including UNSW, University of Wollongong, Australian Catholic University and LaTrobe University, and helped raised public awareness of the experience of 1 in 4 fellow Australians who have experienced childhood trauma.