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Mark Hartley

The wild, untold story of live 'n' loud Oz Rock!

Clare Plueckhahn

Splitsville tackles financial abuse, navigating legal, social, emotional and financial situations to a better life.

Liz Cattermole

Showcasing the life of Melbourne guitarist Steve Connolly who, along with The Coloured Girls/Messengers, backed Paul Kelly from 1984 – 1992 and whose subtle signature sound elevated Paul's music to early success.

Ben Forsyth

An undefeated ultra endurance cyclist races 4000 kilometres across Europe in pursuit of meaning.

Ben Strunin

Larry Gurruwiwi must inherit his place as songline custodian and inspire the next generation to keep culture alive

Rachel Dunn

Gives women the facts about breastfeeding so they can say, “This is my body; this is my baby; this is my decision."

Steven Pasvolsky

The Planet. The Women. The Price. The Power.

Agnieszka + Shane Burrell

“We Are Waiting” explores war's echoes through three intersecting lives, unveiling the lasting damage to children.

Madeleine Parry

Spin doctor Heidi Gallbladder has just landed her dream job: she gets to pull the strings behind the scenes of the gas industry but little does she know it’s about to unravel.

Craig Monahan

The first casualty of war is truth. We have lost touch with remembrance and turned it into ritual.


Completed film

Dalanglin Dkhar

Welcome to the world of the carer – a full-time commitment, where part-time is the rest of your life.

Vicky Biorac

Inspiring Aboriginal people working in community services help others cope with trauma so that they can achieve success