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Stories In Stone

An epic global journey 70,000 years in the making, where humanity's deepest questions may finally be answered.


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  • DIRECTOR Mark Jones

  • PRODUCER Naomi Cleaver, Mark Jones, Mitch Torres (Co-Producer) & Joseph Kiely



"Stories in Stone" explores collaborations between international scientists and first nations people on a quest to look beyond our history into our pre-history. To investigate the world's oldest stories. To uncover the deep wisdom of a people who experienced, recorded and learnt from natural cataclysmic events and dramatic climatic change.

Humanity and all life is facing an existential crisis. Joe Biden, The President of the United States recently stated that climate change poses the greatest threat to civilization. Science tells us that we are contributing greatly to climate change through over use of fossil fuels and exploitation of nature. This new age has been named the "Anthropocene", where humans dominate the planet like no other species has ever done before.

Dominion is hard wired into us today from our creation stories that form the foundations of civilization. So how can humanity 'progress' when it can see it is creating its own demise? This is a paradox and raises questions: What if we are looking for answers in the wrong places? Could solutions be found in our past? If the ancients could speak to us, what would they say?

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Climate Change and how the ancients can help us -

Climate change is a constant and humanity has been dealing with climatic upheaval since the beginning of time.

History tells us civilisations do not survive climate upheavals, but many ancient indigenous cultures adapted, survived and thrived. This raises profound questions about what did they know and what did they do?

Today, civilisation has put us on a trajectory that now influences the global climate which affects all of us, and still we look for answers in the civilisation which has created the problem. What if the answers lay not with today's people, but with the ancients who have left us messages which, until now, were considered ‘mythological’.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

Our goal is to give a voice to Indigenous Elders, enabling them to share the deep wisdom held within their stories, art, song and dance on a world wide platform. To translate for a wider audience the knowledge held by Elders, combined with revelations made by Western Science, positively shifting the perception of ancient Indigenous Cultures.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

That humanity, once again, begins to start asking the profound questions: What does it mean to be a human being? What is our relationship to the planet and to nature? When will we realise (again) that we are dependent on the Earth? When will we remember that we are custodians of the only planet we will ever truly know? Our home. An understanding embraced by humanity for most of its (forgotten) existence.

That reconciliation - in the truest sense of the word - is worked through in all nations across the world. Achieved through recognition of the original people and their deep understanding and ‘history’ with their homelands (Country), which has long been relegated to fairy tales (mythology). Inclusion of indigenous knowledge systems into the management of the environment and leveraging it in climate change discussions.

That a new covenant is redrawn around people, nations and nature acknowledging the deeper human story - incorporating indigenous knowledge and wisdom.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Through -

1. Raising awareness of the important historical aspects of indigenous stories.
Website & Social Media - A forum for engagement and follow up,
Broadcast of the series,
Film festival screenings,
Community screenings,
Speaking tours,
Educational packages,
Museum partnerships,
TED Talks.

2. Recognising that a NATURE FIRST ethos has been central to the survival of indigenous peoples and necessary for all humanity into the future. Incorporating NATURE FIRST as central to all future societies.
*By shifting policy - Government & Corporate presentations. Environmental Groups presentations.

3. Reconnection with indigenous culture at an individual, local and international level.

4. Encouraging the redirection of investment into projects that demonstrate a NATURE FIRST attitude.

5. Recreation of a national identity based on the recognition of a prevailing pre-historic indigenous culture i.e. a new Australian republic cast with indigenous culture at its heart.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

The research collaboration between science and indigenous story (geomythology) is in its infancy, but results so far are startling. The Stories in Stone team has spent the last 6 years developing relationships with both the indigenous and academic worlds - through community engagement, conferences and meetings. These relationships have and will continue to inform our series.

Current stakeholders are: Indigenous Elders (Traditional Owners) & their communities, indigenous organisations, academics and their institutions.

Through these relationships, we will continue to identify our key talent and experts.

Identifying an Impact Producer will be a key milestone as we develop.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

This series will be an agent for change. We hope viewers take action that might include:

Advocating for reconciliation - between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples truly meeting halfway.
Championing the teaching of history - pre-history incorporated into primary, secondary, tertiary schools curriculum.
Assisting in revitalising indigenous cultures - create pride amongst emerging generations.
Support the incorporation of indigenous culture into a new narrative - to rebuild our nations, recognising the deep antiquity of indigenous peoples' ancient past. Creating a new identity into the future.
Encourage others to acquaint themselves with their local natural environment in partnership and consultation with indigenous groups.
Reminding others of their responsibility for caring for country (Nature).
Lobby environmental and social groups to advocate ”Nature and Humans together”.
Lobby governments and corporations for policy change - with consideration of NATURE FIRST.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Successfully reaching a widespread global audience - on a streamer or trusted brand legacy broadcaster - resulting in a global publicity tour.

Publications, forums and social media discussing Stories in Stone.

The recognition of the deep antiquity of indigenous culture, the truths held within the stories and artworks, and the deep messages which are relevant and can be acted upon in our individual lives.

When nations reconnect with their First Peoples and take pride in their ancient past.

Seeing action at the corporate, local, state and federal governance level by adopting NATURE FIRST principles.

Keynote addresses by Mitch and Albert on Geomythology i.e. to mining and fossil fuel industries.

TED talks (style) with Albert Wiggan and Mitch Torres on “Geomythology”.