Our funding model

Funding for documentaries can be hard to secure.

The Documentary Australia Foundation model allows filmmakers to build a community around their project and receive funding from philanthropic grants and direct donations.

The Documentary Australia website provides a platform for filmmakers to fundraise and for donors to support a project tax-effectively.


Why seek funding through us?

AUSTRALIA’S only TAX DEDUCTIBLE crowd-funding platform DEDICATED TO documentary

Documentary Australia is the only tax deductible crowd-funding platform specifically available for documentaries. We have already established strong relations between the philanthropic, not-for-profit and community sector in advocating the power of documentary as a tool for social change. There is enormous value in being featured on a platform that only showcases documentary projects. Our networks have a keen interest in social issues and understand the value of documentary. We offer support to donors and filmmakers and endorse the projects which gives great confidence to donors.

Receive funding instantly

When donations come through us they are processed and transferred directly to the filmmaker. This means the filmmaker receives funds weekly as opposed to waiting until a target has been reached. The funding goal does not need to be reached in order to access the funds, this provides peace of mind to the donor and allows the filmmaker to access funds at pivotal stages of the production. There are also no time restrictions, a profile on the Documentary Australia website will remain there until the project is completed and into its education and outreach phase if it is still seeking funding. Given the nature of documentaries, this process can take some time, so the filmmaker benefits from receiving funding at every stage of the project’s development.

Benefits for all

All donations above $2 are tax-deductible, which means the donor can contribute to a social change project and do so tax-effectively. Whilst we cannot accept donations in return for a physical gift, there are many ways to reward donors and this can also be a fun and creative process. For example, thanking people in the credits is a great way to acknowledge contributions as well as invitations to screenings and regular engagement and reporting on successful developments and outcomes. Take your supporters on the journey with you.

How does philanthropy tie in to crowd-funding?

Creating a community of supporters around a project is the first step in securing funding and building an audience. Starting small with established networks, and expanding the reach to new networks, contributes to a much larger conversation and movement around an issue. Seeing an engaged group of individuals support a project will certainly help in obtaining further funding.


Crowd-funding success

A number of projects have been very successful at raising funds through this model, including:

• When The Camera Stopped Rolling raised $91,000 in 1 year

• Pockets of Hope raised $51,000 in 8 months

• Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy raised just over $16,000 in approximately 2 months

Browse through the site for other examples and learn from our case studies. Attend a workshop for a deeper dive into how to successfully attract philanthropic partners and develop long term impact strategies.



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