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What’s Your Issue?

A unique opportunity to double your impact!

Do you care deeply about a particular issue?

We know that powerful documentaries with strategic impact campaigns and strong partnerships can reach diverse audiences, foster understanding, empower people and influence public policy.

But no one film can do this alone… it takes many stories and an alliance of committed partners to create change over time. We have the experience to make this happen.

Thanks to support from Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 initiative, every dollar you donate to an Impact Area during the ‘What’s Your Issue Campaign’ will be matched, thus doubling and amplifying your impact.

This happens in three simple steps:

1 – Make a tax-deductible donation to enable us to support important stories and help aligned organisations use them to raise awareness and advocate on key issues.

2 –Choose an Impact Area that matters to you during check-out:
Health & Wellbeing
Human Rights & Social Justice
The Arts
Women & Girls
Youth & Education

3 – Have your donation matched dollar-for-dollar by Creative Parternships Australia!

Enable social change for an issue you care about

By supporting one of Documentary Australia’s Impact Areas you enable our skilled team to provide ongoing strategic support to powerful films and complementary campaigns uncovering contemporary issues that are often misrepresented or ignored.

We do this by:

    • Curating for excellence – identifying and nurturing high potential projects through filmmaker support programs and one-on-one mentoring;
    • Developing impact goals and strategies with key impact partners; ensuring  filmmakers understand issues, the work being done and how to best complement and support frontline organisations;
    • Building Impact Partner Networks of NGOs, activists, community groups, corporates and philanthropists so they are empowered to use storytelling to educate, advocate and inspire;
    • Developing a suite of films that build momentum for change over time and that explore various perspectives of complex multifaceted issues.

What happens next?

You’ll be signed up to the Area’s Impact Partner Network and we’ll send you quarterly updates highlighting exciting projects, inviting you to screenings and events, sharing case studies and providing opportunities for you to connect with others who care about the same issue.

Read More about our impact areas and projects click here


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Kevin Farmer $500.00
Tim Sherrard $200.00
Robin Freedman $200.00
Sarah Uther $500.00
Steven Cateris $20.00
Mary Henderson $10,000.00
South Coast Foundation $20,000.00
Darin Cooper Foundation $5,000.00
Natalie Martignago $50.00
Norman Jackson $25.00
Stephen Chen $50.00
Shanti Raman $200.00
Bill Harvey $50.00
Jeff Herbert-smith $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Coles Danziger Foundation $2,000.00
Stephanie White $100.00
Pamela Collett $50.00
Deborah Hart $200.00
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Sylvia Hrovatin $200.00
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Bruno DI Biase $100.00