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‘This is Us’

The players from Australia's national women’s football team, shine a light on the country’s gender equality score card.


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  • DIRECTOR Maggie Miles & Maggie Eudes

  • PRODUCER Maggie Miles, Pip Campey, Maggie Eudes



This independent feature documentary is being made in collaboration with current players and allies of Australia’s national women’s football team, in association with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA).

The film will be launched on the eve of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup co-hosted by Australia & New Zealand.

In this film the custodians of the story of women’s football in Australia are given a voice and by telling their story the film utilises this game-changing moment, when the eyes of the world are on Australia, to shine a light on the country’s gender equality score card.

We celebrate the players hard-fought battle for visibility, recounting how these ground-breaking women, supported by the PFA, confronted inequality at the highest levels with their audacious 2015 boycott of a U.S tour, leading to their 2019 achievement as one of the first women’s national teams in world football to receive equal pay to their male counterparts.

With humour and authenticity this film celebrates success and role models the future, leaning-in to the candid, the human, the personal. This film will envelop audiences in the story of this amazing team inspiring them to also smash through age-old inequalities and achieve at the highest levels.

In the lead up to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup we follow their story; Auzzie legends leave the game, new players make international debuts, players struggle with Covid-regulations and battle serious injuries, the team competes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (2021) and Asian Cup (2022), and players strive for selection in the World Cup team. In all this, gender equality is not a given, it’s an ongoing fight.

‘This is Us’ will bring new audiences to football, new fans who will cheer from the rooftops, not only for football, but for the achievements of women who inspire against all odds, even before a single game has been played in the 2023 ANZ hosted FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Our documentary and impact campaign highlight the societal benefits of gender equity. The story of Australia’s women’s football team offers an entertaining and dynamic insight into the equity battles faced by early players and allies of the game. It shows the pathway they created for young women to develop and compete alongside their male counterparts, and how their increased visibility will continue to empower and influence future generations.

At this stage we are collaborating with, or are in early discussions with, the following:

• Professional Footballers Association, Co-CEO Kathryn Gill
• Caitriona Fay, Managing Partner, Perpetual Private
• Individual players, present and past
• The Green & Gold Army
• Numerous Fan groups
• Football Media Representatives
• Australians Investing in Women
• Champions of Change Coalition
• Cool Australia – Education Partner
• International Women’s Forum, Australia


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

Our impact campaign celebrates stories that evidence the societal benefits of gender equality, then utilises those stories as conversation starters in spaces where advances in equality need to occur. The campaign launches with the release of the film, on the eve of the FIFA 2023 Australia New Zealand hosted, Women’s World Cup, kicking-off with an event-filled program to spark conversations and activity that build in momentum through the tournament and continue over a twelve-month period.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

We believe that deep engagement with ideas leads to change, and hope our film is utilised to foster highly engaged workplace conversations about gender equity, leading to cultural change within organisations.

We hope to trigger higher levels of philanthropic investment in women and girls, and to showcase how that investment leads to significant outcomes for all in the community. We will work closely with groups such as Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) to make that possible.

Via the vehicle of sport, we hope to bring conversations about gender equality into male dominated spaces to encourage men to foster gender equality in those spaces. We hope to work with networks such as the Champions of Change Coalition to make that possible.

Given the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander representation in the player group, coupled with the team’s choice to display the Aboriginal Flag at their first Olympics 2020 game, First Nations communities are a special focus through all initiatives.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Our documentary will achieve its impact outcomes via an effective impact strategy designed with our key partners, brains-trust and distributor. That strategy will include these co-related activities.

• Creation of an impact toolkit for use by philanthropic organisations, business and education sectors, centering the film as a catalyst for change in relation to gender equality.
• Our impact tool kit will include case studies that demonstrate investment in women and girls leads to better outcomes for companies and for society.
• Our impact campaign and tool kit will utilise stories that exemplify gender equality both in sport and other professions.
• With our key partners we will identify data points that demonstrate the societal benefits of investing in gender equality and develop a system for measuring and assessing our impact in relation to those data points.
• We will galvanise business leaders and human resources professionals to engage in screenings and use of our impact toolkit.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Kathryn Gill, and Caitriona Fay are Executive Producers on this project, they are experts in the fight for gender equality through a football lens, and social investment in women and girls. This project is greatly benefitting from their guidance. We trust them to work with us to form a ‘Brains Trust’ of individuals from our group of key partners to provide sector-specific intelligence and advise on impact and financing. Our EP’s and brains-trust are also informing the culture of this project which uplifts the voices of women through a strength-based approach, framing the material in a respectful, positive way. 2023 is a legacy moment for women's football and for the achievements of women in sport. The relationships underpinning this project will broaden the impact of that legacy through their contribution to the development and execution of this project, including determining the tangible benefits for society when equality makes strides forward, with sport providing clear examples.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

After seeing the film, we hope that all the young viewers, female and male, are empowered to believe that they too can reach for their goals, train and work hard for them to achieve success.

We hope that all viewers assess their own professional environments, and the pathways to development and success, and take steps to improve the equity of that environment in spaces where inequality exists.

We hope that all adults, female and male, reconsider their approaches to nurturing all children to succeed, whatever their gender, and that where they have power and influence to change culture, in workplaces and in society, in social settings and homes, they will lead by example to create change in spaces where gender equality still needs to occur.

We hope that viewers who have the capacity to influence philanthropic giving from corporate entities, put their efforts into increasing philanthropic donations that support women and girls, particularly in relation to leadership.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

We will know when we have achieved our impact vision:

• When the analytics of our social media channels indicate record levels of engagement in posts that uplift stories of female success.
• When the tools that we develop to measure engagement with gender conversations in workplaces via pre-viewing/post-viewing surveys, demonstrate changes in mindset.
• When our school offering has a wide uptake, of over 1,000 Study Guide downloads and over 500 screenings.
• When we have at least one hundred businesses hosting screenings for executives and staff, around which conversations about gender equity are fostered.
• When the documentary has screened in over thirty grassroots football clubs.
• When our metrics show an increase of 10% in the level of philanthropic investment in women and girls, by ASX listed companies, from the WWC 2024 to end of FY2025.