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The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Is ‘being virtuous’ something we should still aspire to in contemporary society? Seven artists answer in their own way.


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  • DIRECTOR Celia Boden

  • PRODUCER Sue Clothier and Celia Boden



THE SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES is a seven episode short form digital art series, that explore the ancient heavenly virtues through individual female artists work.

Our series introduces seven Tasmanian female contemporary artists some emerging, some established. Their works explore an array of social and environmental issues. Ocean plastics, species extinction, family violence, climate change, female ageing and solutions to deal with invasive species. Each artist with their own virtue interpretation told through their artistic practice.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Female artists are chronically under-represented in public galleries and museums.

Despite 75% of arts graduates in Australia being female, only 25% of the National Gallery of Australia art collection is by females. This isn't an issue confined to Australia, the global movement #knowmyname seeks to change these statistics.

Female artists are also under-represented in art awards and not paid as much as their male counterparts either. Commercial galleries are winning the race towards gender parity, but it’s still a work in progress with much more to be done to bring balance.

The Arts is a low priority for Government funding. The ABC has seen budget cuts with Arts suffering disproportionately. Today, cultural institutions could not survive without an army of volunteers and philanthropists to do the heavy lifting. Arts brings inspiration, ideas and optimism. Imagine a world without the Arts? No thank you. Our project will raise up our female artists and the Arts more broadly.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

The Arts sector needs urgent help.

Our communities more than ever, need the Arts.

The Arts need gender parity across representation and pay.

An all Tasmanian female production team, filming all Tasmanian female artists, showcases exceptional women in the arts across multiple disciplines

We want to reach and educate a wider audience about the issues that inspire and motivate our artists’ works and in doing so meet amazing female artists that audiences may have otherwise never know.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

The outcomes we want are:

1. To promote female artists to traditional arts audiences to assist in creating gender parity.

2. To connect with community organisations that are not traditionally arts aligned but are working in areas of advocacy or activism that can synergise with each artists work. In turn this will help to highlight the specific issue using art as a positive social change tool.

3. To promote the Arts more broadly so that female created works can be appreciated and collected.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Our series is made up of seven component parts, which means seven separate opportunities for content to create awareness of the artist and the virtue (social or environmental issue) that is expressed in each artist's work. Each part can be used to greatest impact effect separately.

We will seek collaboration with stakeholders with synergies and an online presence and database to offer our films as advocacy or activism tools. Each artist would need to agree to the form in which their work is represented, but as producers we would connect the artist and organisation.

Individual episodes can be seen in situ in galleries to promote individual artists and may form part of a gallery installation and web streamed.

As 75% of Australian arts graduates are female, we will seek out NAVA or other national arts organisations to offer the episodes and the series as part of a female artists awareness campaign.

Available online on Digital Arts channels and portals.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

We are working with Tasmanian based Arts philanthropist Penny Clive, who has been instrumental in making introductions to our artists and providing other in-kind assistance.

We have identified a list of community organisations, galleries and influencers that we will approach to work with us to align our series to their core values.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

Our hope is that when our viewers watch our series, they will be inspired and informed by the skills, insight and execution of the artist's work.

We hope the viewer will share the content with their friends and network.

The artists in turn can use their episode to promote their work to galleries, museums and institutions.

That viewers will be inspired to connect with the community organisations that are working in the specific social issue or environmental space to take action to effect positive social change.

That through the viewing of the series, there is a deeper appreciation for the Arts and its importance in our world.

That the viewer may seek to purchase original art from female artists.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Our series will be able to be viewed online and we can track viewing statistics.

We will work with our stakeholders and artists to collect data of uptake of social action as a result of their work.

Direct feedback from individual artists as to an increased interest or representation of their work by Galleries both private and public.

Have our artists seen an increase in sales or commissions of their work as a result of increased representation.