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The Record

The stage is set and Australia is positioning itself at the forefront of the campaign for gender equality in sport.


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  • DIRECTOR Nicole Minchin and Angela Pippos

  • PRODUCER Nicole Minchin and Angela Pippos



Changing history is about more than who wins.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

THE RECORD is a ground-breaking documentary about the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup and the ambitious plan to fill the MCG for the final being held on International Women’s Day. Never before has women’s cricket been documented in this way. The drama of the world cup is set against the backdrop of vying for the record and the message it sends, not only to sport, but to society as a whole. THE RECORD will take the viewer into the relatively unknown world of elite women’s cricket and entice them to celebrate team victories, share in the heartache of losses and see first-hand what it means for these women to play at the pinnacle of their chosen sport. Our film sends the powerful message that girls and women belong in sport. Our documentary will show the role that sport can play in creating social change. No matter the outcome of ‘the record’, the world will be watching.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

THE RECORD will change the way society views women athletes. Cricket, like other sports in Australia, is still male-dominated on and off the field. We will pay homage to the women who played the game when it was unfashionable to do so, and laud the current world-beating Australian Women’s Cricket Team. Our film will elevate the status of not only cricketers, but all women in society. THE RECORD is unashamedly pro-women and girls and sends the powerful message that girls and women belong.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

THE RECORD is all about creating social impact. Increasing public awareness about the relatively unknown world of elite women’s cricket is only the beginning of it. We hope our film inspires people to do something with this awareness. Get out there and watch women’s sport. Talk about it. Write about it. Challenge themselves to think differently about it. Stop comparing women’s sport to men’s sport. Celebrate the differences between the two. We hope THE RECORD encourages girls to pick up a bat or pursue whatever their chosen sport is with passion. We hope it forces decision-makers to do more to level the playing field. Australian cricket is leading the way with pay and conditions for its women athletes. We hope other sports take note of this and see what can be achieved when the will is there. We established Her Films to create powerful documentaries about women. We believe sport should be fair, and that sport is the perfect platform to promote gender equality and drive social change.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Angela Pippos has been a sports journalist for 23 years. During that time she’s developed strong relationships with people in cricket at the national, state and community levels. Nicole Minchin has been producing for 20 years, regularly dealing with state/federal funding bodies. Her Films is working closely with Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council on THE RECORD. The ICC has approved filming access for the tournament, using match footage and working with their broadcast partners on the distribution of the film. Cricket Australia is providing access to the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. In recent years, Angela has become a tireless campaigner for gender equality in sport. This has connected her to a range of people from government, business and the social sector who share her commitment to gender equality in sport and society. THE RECORD will include interviews with gender equality campaigners as well as decision-makers in sport.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

We hope THE RECORD will encourage viewers to celebrate women in sport, and stop comparing men’s and women’s sport. Similarly, we hope our film will challenge ingrained beliefs and attitudes that have marginalised women in sport. THE RECORD calls on viewers to take responsibility for their individual and community gender equality footprint. It’s an exciting time, not only for the talented women competing at the T20 World Cup, but also for the army of girls who slop on the sunscreen and pull on the pads after school and on weekends to emulate their favourite players. You can’t be what you can’t see. We hope THE RECORD will inspire girls to stay involved in sport, and encourage them to create their own version of what it means to be a girl, and not be drawn into the stereotype society pushes through the media and advertising.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

THE RECORD will attract a large global audience but, for us, success is about more than numbers. We will measure success by the discussion and conversation THE RECORD generates. If our film shifts thinking about women’s cricket it has been successful. If our film changes attitudes about women’s sport it has been successful. And more broadly, if it creates debate and conversation about gender equality at home and in the workplace it has been successful. If all this happens, we will have achieved our impact vision. As fabulous as it would be to set a new world record on International Women’s Day, our film does not depend on this to be successful.