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The Portal

THE PORTAL is an immersive cinematic experience that answers the question: How can we really change the world?


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  • DIRECTOR Jacqui Fifer

  • PRODUCER Tom Cronin



In a genre-defining approach to personal change — with global implications — THE PORTAL follows six fascinating people who transform their lives and overcome trauma using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration for a vital evolution in our approach to living. Supported by insights from three of the world’s leading futurists and philosophers and an empathetic robot, THE PORTAL opens hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity transformed.

Internal consciousness helps strengthen international consciousness. Human-made problems require human-made solutions, which are within our reach… if we learn how to stretch our minds. We’re increasingly conscious of multiple global threats to survival and wellbeing: the climate crisis, extinction events, mass distraction, and the collapse of institutions which can no longer serve us. But how can we attain the mental altitude required to navigate these challenges? Change is coming... and it’s up to us to shape it!

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Our world is suffering from a growing number of crises: climate change, conflict, displacement, a lack of social cohesion, economic injustice, and other stressors which prevent individuals from adequately taking care of their own mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The impact of mental health issues on families and communities is increasing. The Portal movie, book, and educational series, plus The Stillness Project, seek to provide solid tools to help people navigate the path from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to reaching their potential.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

To build a world in which everyone knows how to enjoy meditation, and...

+ Understands what meditation is and how to practice it, appreciating the links between meditation and psychological / neurological development
+ Meditates daily (even for a short time), building their capacity to be aware of their own mind, and cope with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, depressed or worried
+ Uses meditation to develop empathy and compassion for self and others


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

In the ‘70s, partly thanks to one compelling TV story, 25 million Americans took up jogging; an international health “fad” which is now permanently integrated into our culture. The Portal can make meditation the new jogging. It’s popularly believed that meditation is difficult, or that it requires some sort of religious or spiritual affiliation. This isn’t the case, and by exploring several inspirational personal stories, The Portal demonstrates that meditation is easy, accessible, effective, and worthwhile. It is a personal practice which (unlike jogging) also has powerful implications for altering individual perspectives that can impact the culture of a family, community, workplace or country.

The Portal’s global community can:
+ Create a global movement by watching, sharing, & hosting screenings of the movie
+ Encourage more people to try meditating and practice it regularly, making it popular & commonplace
+ Encourage leaders to implement meditation for better mental health


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Firstly, the film has been designed to create a unique, experimental experience that provokes an emotional and psychological shift in the audience. With six case studies of real people using meditation for a variety of different mental, social and physical conditions we have provided evidence of meditation's benefits.

To support viewers, we invite them to access our community, resources and a worldwide movement. We are also liaising with groups like teachers/educators, reform institutions, mental health professionals and leaders in order to raise awareness and engage them in conversations and events where they can interact with other like-minded people to discuss previously taboo subjects around mental and community health.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

We will partner with organisations across the public, private and nonprofit sectors to co-promote the goal of creating healthier, happier and calmer individuals + communities. We can support our diverse screening partners with resources so they are able to implement meditation and mindfulness in their contexts.

Our School Screening Kit includes The Portal’s Australian Teachers Of Media (ATOM) teaching guide, and access to The Stillness Project’s 14-day online Chill-out meditation program devised by Tom Cronin especially for teenagers.

The moving personal testimonies in this film are particularly useful for inspiring secular meditation practice in a variety of communities, workplaces and environments:
Mental Health Organisations
Defence Force
Corporate Workplaces
Social enterprises and social justice organisations
Schools and universities
Community & sporting associations
Religious congregations
Prisons and Corrective Services
Areas of socioeconomic disadvantage

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

+ Start conversations about meditation and mental wellness with others, in the home, workplace, community and elsewhere
+ Access our Portal resources (e.g. website, book, online masterclasses and app) to engage with meditation
+ Seek help and support for negative mental health conditions
+ Learn how to meditate and embrace an ongoing meditation practice

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

+ Number of screenings in communities, schools, businesses, organisations and government
+ Downloads of screening and resource kits
+ Number of educational DVDs & teaching kits requested
+ Testimonials and case studies from traditional blue-chip companies engaging with meditation as a result of corporate screenings and Q&As
+ Post-screening meditation sessions
+ Number and nature of enquiries about engaging more deeply (e.g. meditation teacher training)