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Tea Uglow: Supernormal

Why be normal when you can be SuperNormal?


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  • DIRECTOR Jo de Fina

  • PRODUCER Jo de Fina



Tea Uglow ‘SuperNormal’ is the story of one person’s challenge to ‘normal’ and their journey to break society’s restrictive definitions of it. Through exploring Tea’s experience living with neuro diversity, we confront what our own judgements might shield and protect us from.

In its lyrical, warm and intimate storytelling, Tea Uglow ‘SuperNormal’ confronts the forces shaping all our identities and encourages us to embrace the millions of individual versions of normal that exist within us all. This is a story that belongs to all those people who live outside the box; celebrating the beauty and peace that exist outside society’s constraints of normality.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

This inclusive story is told through Tea’s own many voices—combining her exceptional narrative with revealing interviews, and conversations between Tea and others who have famously fought to live outside the boundaries of society’s norms. As the threads of her identities are teased out, we begin to understand just how damaging it is to force a singular prescribed identity onto someone who doesn’t fit it, and how exciting it is, when someone as SuperNormal as Tea is free to live and express life as themselves; as they see themselves.

Everyone can relate to feeling different. Everyone can relate to having their own truth. Everything is normal because nothing is.

At a time when we are assessing what a normal life is, in the face of a massive reset post pandemic, the themes in this story speak to us all. Tea’s story speaks to a truth, and inspires - how we can all find our own normal and place a stake in the ground - own who we are and the life we need and want to live.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

Tea’s is a universal story that will resonate globally. That despite the differences we all face, and the doubts we all have, we all just want to be normal.

This is a film filled with empathy, compassion and honesty and is a celebration of all that we are as human beings. What universally connects us and binds us together. To truthfully and honestly celebrate all that is human about each and every one of us.

Normal depends on what lens you’re viewing through.
This film is our lens.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

Tea hopes that younger kids don’t have to grow up feeling the way she did. Raising the issue of the spectrum of neurodiversity in schools is hugely important and we believe will prevent generations of children suffering what Tea did. As part of the development of the film we plan to work on not just the ATOM guide about identity but also one that speaks to issues of neurodiversity. Acceptance and embracing the difference in us all is key. Changing behaviour, thought, policy around what is and isn’t ok and what is and isnt’ normal. Let's abolish the label 'normal' and accept difference. If Covid has shown us anything it is that there is no normal! So education is key. As part of the role out the film we would love to work with impact groups and educators to help spread the message: why be normal when you can be Supernormal!


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

We plan to work with SBS on the promotional campaign surrounding the launch of the film and create smaller teaser style content to encourage debate and discussion around the issues raised in the film (neurodiversity; sexuality; identity). We will garner audience interest not just from groups already following Tea’s journey, but the broader conversation, in particular in schools to get the younger generation questioning the nature of ‘normal’ and beginning to use language around these issues differently. For the international launch, we plan to edit a festival length film which we’d love to see launch at festivals like True/False Festival; Tribeca; SXSW; Sheffield; IDFA and Cannes (all of which Tea has a profile at). We would secure distribution through either Madman (whom co-producer Nick Batzias is a founder at).


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Co-Producer Nick Batzias has been strategically advising on financing and roll out of the film. We keep in regular contact with Susie Jones (formely SBS) who has been a big beliver in the film since the start. Creative consultation with Tea is paramount. We have met with ACON in Sydney and educational and medical professionals are also sought out for guidance and input. It would not be an authentic story if the voices of those it is about weren't amplified and honoured.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

Assessment of their own behaviours, changing views and advocating for minority groups. Increasing tolerance, understanding and embracing everyone, no matter how normal, or supernormal they may be.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Providing a broader platform for Tea to tell her story and seeing more 'different' kids being embraced and accepted. Young kids not being so quick to judge and label, and adults educating their own kids, and accepting their 'out of the box' children. Celebrating the phrase 'supernormal' and having it be synonymous with neurodiversity and a celebration of the broad spectrum of what human beings can be.