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We are committed to championing gender equality by supporting the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.


The Leading Ladies program is a natural continuation of Documentary Australia’s successful SheDoc fellowship. Launched in 2016, SheDoc has accelerated the careers and projects of six female filmmakers by providing financial aid for their projects and connecting recipients with experienced mentors. With momentum building against inequality, the time is right for more stories to be told by women about women – and for women’s careers to be advanced in filmmaking.

We have seen the #MeToo movement explode in the past few years, especially in the film industry. Similar to other social justice and empowerment movements based upon breaking silence, the purpose of “Me Too” was initially to empower people who had been sexually assaulted, through empathy and solidarity. This movement had strength in numbers, and visibly demonstrated how many women had survived sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. The scope of the movement has broadened to be more inclusive of all survivors; what gained momentum from high-profile women in Hollywood sharing their experiences has become an international movement calling for justice for marginalised people across industries and communities.

No one voice is more important that another.

The more women’s voices are platformed, a greater understanding of the impacts of gender discrimination is made possible. Women’s perspectives and our treatment of issues through documentary must be nurtured to ensure that female voices are represented.

Our aim is to award up to 4 grants every two years which will help:

    • To encourage new voices;
    • To enable skills to be consolidated or developed;
    • To assist projects to be kickstarted; and
    • To assist in building strategic audience engagement strategies.

By offering funding to facilitate opportunities that are self-directed and of benefit, our aim is to positively intervene in and support women’s filmmaking careers.

SheDoc will support travel, research, mentoring, residencies, skills development, seeding new work and the development of impact strategies using documentary. SheDoc is not for production funding.

If you would like to contribute to Documentary Australia’s core operations outside of this campaign – you can click here.


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