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Post-production   /  Philippa Campey

No Time For Quiet

Struggling to find a sense of belonging and identity, a group of teenagers find their voice through a unique community.


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  • DIRECTOR Samantha Dinning & Hylton Shaw

  • PRODUCER Philippa Campey



During a long hot summer, 40 girls and gender diverse youth converge in Brunswick for the inaugural week-long GIRLS ROCK! MELBOURNE Camp. Greeting them are a myriad of enthusiastic volunteers - local female rock legends, punk-ed up teachers, students and youth workers – all keen to empower the young female, trans and gender diverse participants through Rock ’n’ Roll.

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  • June 2018

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Establishing a sense of belonging and identity is very challenging for most Australian teenagers but even more so for GIRLS and gender diverse youth. Research from the youth sectors shows that this group of young people frequently experience disempowerment, can often subscribe to a culture of anxiety and struggle with mental health and as a result, tend to live out their social lives online.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

NO TIME FOR QUIET demonstrates the positive impact of bespoke liminal immersive experiences and ‘safe spaces’ that promote and embody a strong sense of community, reinforce belonging and provide support and mentorship for young people who feel disempowered. This results in a positive transformation of our culture that improves the social well-being of girls and gender diverse youth.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

To educate the wider community and education sector about the specific issues facing girls and gender diverse youth today and the impact of discrimination and exclusion at an individual level.

To inspire and encourage the creation of further safe and inclusive creative spaces for girls, trans, and gender diverse youth to express themselves, feel empowered and advance towards greater visibility in the wider community.

We seek to create greater community understanding of gender diversity issues facing young people as a step towards awareness and acceptance.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

We are continuing to develop relationships with organisations within our community that help inform our decisions in relation to the film. These organisations include Sonic Agender, LISTEN, MInus18 and the FReeZA Community within Moreland Council.

Local and international female musicians are very vocal about the importance of spaces like Girls Rock! Locally Jen Cloher, Cable Ties, Camp Cope & Courtney Barnett (who feature in our film) have been tremendous ambassadors for the camp.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

This is a timely story that amplifies the voices of female and gender-non binary people both on and off the screen. It’s a local story with global reach that canvasses pressing contemporary social issues affecting young people in Australia today. The film’s themes of female empowerment, gender diversity and youth mental health are potent issues to be explored in today’s society. To capture these at times tough topics in a moving, engaging, and entertaining musical documentary is an excellent way to draw attention to the issues. We hope that this film can be a great tool to foster conversation, wider engagement, and, ultimately we hope, cultural change.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Our indicators for success will be target through individual pathways including:

A demand for private Screenings & workshops amongst affiliated organisations like Minus18, LISTEN, FReeZA.

Educational campaigns that are tailored to both primary and high schools including cutting additional footage that is tailored specifically for impact outcomes. Eg. excerpts on body image, mental health, gender fluidity, online bullying.

Sold out festival and theatrical screenings, acceptance into worldwide film festivals, distribution sales, broadcaster sales and merchandise sales.

Demand for online distribution such as DocPlay, Itunes, Beamfilm.