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Production   /  Lynn Santer

Land of the Free – four separate projects plus the Hall of Shame website

An explosive expose inc never-before revealed info, a realistic follow-through plan - and a very human story behind it.


Impact areas




  • DIRECTOR James Ganiere

  • PRODUCER Lynn Santer



1. Land of the Free: in the shadows. Short documentary on the psychology of the trophy hunter. Status – complete. Narrated by Cliff Simon. Featuring Priscilla Presley, Tippi Hedren, Sir Roger Gale MP (UK), 2019 Albert Schweitzer Award recipient John Thompson (Washington DC), John Mitchell-Adams (Destinations Africa), former covert operative Reg Dickason, and Queen Elizabeth II. Awarded with laurels at film festivals in Cannes, Florence, Vienna, London, New York, Philadelphia, Louisville, Marina del Rey, Burbank, FlickFest, and the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.

2. Land of the Free: out of the shadows. 30 minute non-fiction documentary exposing shocking nefarious and subversive activities of the trophy hunting industry. Status – post production.

3. Land of the Free: Animal trafficking redefined. A feature length documentary.

4. Land of the Free: Where life is worth living. It’s “Mission Impossible” meets “Born Free” – an action adventure based on the true story of an embattled conservationist (Meryl Harrison) a Hollywood icon (Tippi Hedren) and an Australian activist (Lynn Santer) teaming with a jaded ex special forces commando (Reg Dickason) to plan a covert mission to expose legal brutal atrocities against endangered big game by some of the wealthiest people on earth. Status –feature screenplay being rewritten.

5. All in conjunction with the interactive website: where you can add your voice to our roar.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

This project is about:
* Saving precious endangered species from extinction;
* Shining a light on three extraordinary women from widely different worlds and from across three continents risking everything to expose the truth; and
* Getting international laws changed.

It is about education, demonstrating how eco-tourism in all nations raises more money for local communities, conservation and environmental protection than "pay to play" (hunting, torturing and slaughtering). It also demonstrates effective animal husbandry of livestock without culling native predators.

It's about saving all lives – recognizing that in saving one, you save all, as all things are connected.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

We WILL change international law about import and export of endangered species.
We WILL change perceptions on what Animal Trafficking is.
We WILL build a digital register of supporters to assist with political lobbying and public education.
The measurable impact will be laws changed, the demand for this brutal form of hunting decreasing, the demand for eco-friendly tourism increasing, and the tide turned on dwindling numbers of endangered species to ensure populations are sustained in the future


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

4. Details of progress to date.

a. 76 international airlines already have bans in place at some level on the shipping of body parts of endangered species.
b. Australia has banned the import of endangered species trophies.
c. Australia is passing legislation recognizing animal sentience.
d. The UK is in the process of passing legislation recognizing animal sentience.
e. The UK is in the process of passing legislation banning the import of endangered species trophies.
f. South Africa is in the process of passing legislation banning the breeding of wildlife for tourist petting and trophy killing.
g. Some States of America have passed legislation banning the import of endangered species trophies.

The vision, the goal, the objective we must reach to prevent a catastrophe which will be a stain on the soul of humanity until the end of time, is a total and complete ban of trophy hunting endangered species – globally - forever.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Our strategy is to reach millions of viewers via various mediums with our film/s (cinematic release, film festivals, awards contents including the Oscars, and follow up on platforms like Netflix and iTunes). We will wrap the film with a segment covering: What will we do about is? What can you do about it? Part of the problem is that the people behind the trophy hunting industry are so wealthy and so powerful, the "ordinary" person feels powerless to make a difference...but the ocean is made up of individual drops and, especially today with the advent of social media, we have seen that people power counts.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Principal Team

Lynn Santer - Founder and project owner
James Ganiere, Rio Vista Universal - Director and production partner
Priscilla Presley - Executive Producer
Larry Korman, Philadelphia Film Festival, President AKA Luxury Residencies – Executive Producer
Bill McNabb, former CEO of Vanguard Investment – Primary Sponsor of the short film
David J Bartlett, multi awarded filmmaker and screenwriter – Editor, story, post production manager
Harlan Boll – US publicity and Public Relations

We also have camera crews in place in all locations of the world where our lobbyists and campaigners are in place.
Lobbying is and will continue to be international and expansive.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

There will be a link at the end of the film and on all social media to subscribe to us. This not only gives us people willing to sign a petition but a database to contact for further action and assistance.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

The ideal is to instigate a global ban on at least the most brutal methods of trophy hunting and the hunting of the most endangered species together with a ban of the import and shipment of endangered species body part worldwide. This will be measured in the aforementioned changes in law.