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Kakenya’s Dream

Every Girls Deserves the Right to have a DREAM.


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  • DIRECTOR Liz Courtney

  • PRODUCER Liz Courtney



The story follows the footsteps of Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya a Kenyan women who as a child was meant to follow the traditional path for a Maasai woman. Engaged at 5, she underwent FMG at the age of 12 in preparation for marriage. This was supposed to mark the end of her childhood, education, prepare her for marriage and motherhood. Since birth, she had been taught that she should only dream of becoming a mother and wife. However, Kakenya had a different dream. She negotiated with her father to return to school after FGM. Though this was unheard of, he agreed. Several years later, she negotiated to do what no girl from her community had ever done: leave the village to go to college in the United States. She promised she would use her education to benefit the village; in return, everyone collected money for her journey. Kakenya has built 2 schools, educated over 1,000 girls, and is changing history in Kenya.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

The narrative of the film follows the retrospective -to-current journey of her life and her dreams – as Kakenya had a different dream. Around her story we pull in themes that reflect the global challenges of all girls and women in a changing world, where technology is affording new vision, connection and access to knowledge that is becoming a gamechanger for millions of women worldwide. Through finding a voice for so many, Kakenya becomes a teacher, a mother, and visionary for women’s future contribution to society. Kakenya has been recognised by Melina Gates, United Nations, Global Women's Groups, Women for Change, and is seen as an advocate for all women - giving them permission to have a dream for their life, respect for their body and a role model to lean on.


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

To give millions of girls and women the permission and catalyst to have a dream about their life, and to educate 1 million girls and women through the give-it-back companion website that will support this film globally. This film will be launched for international Womens Week in 2021 in New York and Sydney, following a preview at the Sundance Film Festival. Lindsay Hadley Consultants who support project like Global Poverty Project, Hopeland, has signed onto the social impact part of this project


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

1. Create greater awareness on a global scale about the benefits and value of educating a girl, raising up a communitee and reducing unwanted births. The average age of a mother in the Massai is 13 yrs.
2. Draw attendence to FMG that still occurs in indigenous tribes and end this practices through government intervention and policy change
3. Give all girls hope, a pathway to follow, and permission to have a dream for their life
4. Educate boys around respect, the right of girls to be educated and what safe sex means and why it is important.
5. Though the film and its companion website raise funds to support the education of 1 million girls in under developed nations, refugee camps and places where brave women like Kakenya are forging the pathway for a new and different world for girls through their bravery.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Outcomes will be achieved through:
1. The attendence of people in cinema across International Women's Day globally
2. The intergation of the film and the companion website which will carry a global social impact campaign with a list of 30 projects people can donate and support the education of girls and raise funds to educate 1 Million girls
3. Through the awareness it creates in the press, digital and social media around the conversations of education for girls, Say NO to FMG campaign, a Girls right to Education and benefits from it, in media press impressions globally upward of 3Million impressions


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Through Dr Kakenya we have access to multiple partners in education, health and tertiary education that are assisting and will assist our research phase in Africa.
Through Women for Change in Australia and relationships with UNHCR, the LBW Trust, Standing on Shoulders and other such groups, a broader view of the plight of a girls education in under developed countries, and indigeous populations is being informed.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

The actions we hope viewers will take are as follows:
1. They will connect with the companion website and explore further ways they can assist girls to have a dream for their life and financially support a project that has been platformed into the social impact site.
2. To purchase the film through a download to host a fundraising event in their community
3. To purchase the companion BOOK that Dr Kakenya will release about her life in the weeks following this release in the lead-up to Mothers Day 2021.
4. To recomend the film to others to see and support

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

We will create a dashboard to establish our indicators for success . They will look something like this>
1. Number of ticket sales to film viewings during International Womens Day Week
2, To set a number for preview screenings on YouTube and likes
3. To set a number for clickthrough to the website
4. To set a number for engagement in one of the projects
5. To set a $$ amount to raise in the first 3 months
6. To set a goal to achieve funds in the first year to be able to educate a million girls globally through the raising of funds from this film
7. To achieve a cinema window and a secondary window of release in the first 12 months
8 To achieve a reach of 3M in social media in the first 3 months
9. To have Dr Kakenya featured on a major global womens program the week of the release