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Outreach   /  Mitzi Goldman

KaChing! Pokie Nation

The Pokies. They’re rigged, they’re addictive, and they’re everywhere.


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  • DIRECTOR Jane Manning

  • PRODUCER Mitzi Goldman



The Pokies. They're rigged, they're addictive and they're everywhere. Worst of all, they target the poorest Australians. For the first time, the masterminds behind the machines reveal how they’re programmed for addiction. And we show how our governments became the biggest addicts of all.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Australia has more machines and a higher spend per capita than anywhere else in the world. With this explosion has come a harrowing social cost. According to a 2010 report by the Australian Productivity Commission, Australians lose $12 billion a year on the ‘Pokies’.
40% of that is from problem gamblers, with another 20% from individuals on their way to developing a problem. The report concluded that at any one time there were approximately 100,000 addicted poker machine players


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

1. Increase public awareness about pokies harm and the urgent need for reform.
2. Debunk the myths and reframe the public discourse around pokies and individuals who have experienced pokies addiction.
3. Prompt legislative reform around the issue of pokies.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

Change in public awareness about pokies harm and the need for reform.
Change in individual and public attitudes towards pokies and those who have experienced pokie addiction.
Change in legislation around pokies.
Adjustment in revenue models amongst individual pubs and clubs


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Through collaborative partnerships with aligned organisations and advocacy groups


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Our key partner is the Alliance for Gambling Reform who are running the campaign. The film is a core tool within the overall campaign strategy. Many relationships have developed with councils, service providers and small and large charities who deal with the harm caused by pokie addiction.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

Share the film, host a screening, greater support for those with addiction issues, take action to remove or reduce pokie machines in local venues, advocate to politicians to regulate the gaming industry and for business leaders to reconsider business models in venues that rely heavily on pokie revenue.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Tracking political developments towards legislative reform. Capping the number of machines in venues and in the state. Capping the amount that can be withdrawn from ATM's situated close to machines. Councils joining the Alliance for Gambling Reform and rebutting proposals for more machines in their areas. Change in language and government framing of the issue resulting in pokies reform nationwide.