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Electric Encounters

Music is life, a way to grow and everyday people can make their passion a career, even the ones that don't reach stardom


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  • DIRECTOR Jason McNamara

  • PRODUCER Mark Manning and Chris Pistilli



The dept of education and training has consistently had funding cuts to the arts across Australian Primary Schools.
Unfortunately, most Australian kids are missing out on the many benefits of music education in school. As few as 23% of State schools Australia wide are able to provide their students an effective education. In the private system, it’s closer to 88%.
Even when exposed to music, there is a failure to connect when it does not reflect the grim reality of life for many children. Classical music has its own set of barriers to entry for a child in an outback town, ethnic enclave or disadvantaged home. Scholarships might be offered to those with potential for greatness in the classical arena... but what about those kids who just love popular music, like hip-hop and rock?
Director Jason McNamara is an Aussie rocker with the kind of connections most people only imagine in their wildest dreams has convinced some of the greatest Australian Rock acts to meet and inspire these kids.

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Issue Summary

A short summary of the issue the documentary is addressing

Australia lags behind other countries in provision of school music. Too many kids miss out on quality music education at school.

Sports gets so much funding, and Australia is a sports mad country. You have to ask the question ; why can't we be an arts mad country too? Meanwhile, sports gets the focus & is in our faces everyday.
But what about the kids who are not willing to be soldiers on the sports field? those kids who are differently abled, who are quirky, or completely not athletic? And for those kids who DO love music, is what we are offering them the most equal and inclusive kind? what about kids who might find the barriers to accessing classical music too great, the discipline required too specific, the instruments themselves too expensive to access?


What is the impact vision statement of the documentary?

Electric Encounters will highlight the way music has enable young people from all walks of life to expand their horizons in spite of the funding cuts being seen across the education sector. We are partnering with instrument manufacturers to help fill the gab left by these cuts. Every child should have access to an instrument.


What outcomes does the project hope to achieve from making this documentary?

We want to highlight the importance of music in education and how even in remote communities (and indigenous communities) music has been a way to not only tell stories and engage with people but to allow individuals and communities to prosper. We want recognition that funding must increase but also by highlighting the plight to instrument manufacturers and suppliers that they help keep the industry alive with the next generation of musicians by supporting schools with donations and pricing reductions where possible. We will also demonstrate how this same issue crosses international borders.


How will this documentary achieve its outcomes?

Promotion of the documentary will be through social media and streaming services initially with a launch organised in South Australia at a Cinema. The content of the documentary will clearly show our desired outcomes and through support of the artist community the message will be delivered globally. We have already formed partnerships with a number of music manufacturers, distributors and influencers who have offered support to assist us to deliver our desired results.


How will partnerships with this project help inform the project development?

Yes we are partnering with a number of key industry manufacturers and distributors and also with a number of music professionals and global bands and artists. The concept has evolved significantly over the last 6 months with input from our supporters, the idea of equipment donations was suggested by one of our manufacturers and its a variation we were more than happy to include.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact

What actions does this project hope for its viewers after seeing this film?

We would like viewers educated in how music has helped shape the lives of individuals from all walks of life and hopefully support the cause to approach governments to increase funding in music in our education system. If people believe strongly enough they can contact their local MP with requests to increase funding, ideally we would like to petition the governments to reassess music on the curriculum and increase the importance of music in general.

Measurement and Evaluation

What is the projects indicators for success?

Success for us will be measured on uptake from the industry to help itself and government to reassess the importance of music. Firstly we will be looking at achieving support from our professional musical network with assistance in sharing the message on our behalf to millions of followers globally. We then would like to facilitate more engagement from the manufacturers into education. More people need to be aware that a child with a music education background become more creative adults and in turn value their education even more.