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Three-year Matched Funding Opportunity!

We are delighted to announce a three-year matched funding opportunity!


All three-year funding commitments to Documentary Australia Foundation’s core operations will be matched up to $100,000 annually for the next three years. 

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to amplify your impact. 

Your multi-year gift will provide security and allow us to execute on our Strategic Goals:

    • Curate a diverse range of powerful films made by skilled filmmakers to shine a light on the most pressing contemporary issues that we face as a society, whilst providing hope and inspiration for action.
    • Build filmmaker capacity by developing more online resources and providing in-depth knowledge and support through workshops and mentoring.
    • Develop Impact Partner Networks across our seven Impact Areas: Environment, Human Rights & Social Justice, Health & Wellbeing, Indigenous, The Arts, Youth & Education, Women & Girls.
    • Strategically support Executive Produced and Sweetheart projects by surrounding powerful stories with passionate coalitions of partners (creatives, philanthropists, not-for-profits, educators and changemakers) who use the power of storytelling to bring about social change.
    • Continue creating unique programs that ensure diversity in the Australian film industry and add depth and nuance to our understanding of key issues: The Environmental Documentary Incubator, SheDoc Fellowships, The Indigenous Documentary Fellowship, Storyworks Early Stage Filmmaker Program, The Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Best Australian Documentary at Sydney Film Festival and ‘Australia Uncovered’ – a new slate of prime-time documentary on SBS.
    • Expand the use of our unique Measurement & Evaluation Framework, designed specifically for impact documentary.
    • Highlight the strongest impact strategies with online case studies that up-skill filmmakers and prove the model to funders.

We hope you will join us on this rewarding journey.
You will be inspired and witness how well-told stories can nourish the public debate, propel issues to the forefront of national consciousness and support the social movements driving change.

Leverage your giving with dollar-for-dollar matched funding.
Please make a donation here or contact our Chief Executive Officer, Mitzi Goldman, to make a multi-year pledge before the matched-funding campaign comes runs out.

Contact Mitzi Goldman Here.


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Mitzi Goldman $1,000.00
James Logie-Smith $1,500.00
Tomaj Bayat $5,000.00
Anita Jacoby $5,000.00
Ricci Swart $3,000.00
Jacqui Feeney $500.00
Claire Cornu $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Michelle Warren $2,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Robin Freedman $200.00
Margaret Johnson Foundation $1,200.00
jenny herbert-smith $2,000.00
Michael Radovnikovic Belinda Bentley $1,000.00
Kevin Farmer $500.00
Mim Bartlett $500.00
Ian and Deb McGill $1,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Ian King $200.00
Michelle Bramley $50.00
Robert McIntosh $10.00
Alison Black $50.00
Anonymous $200.00
Helen Donnard $200.00
Stephen Koci $50.00