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Environmental Documentary Accelerator

We are committed to creating collective impact on the world’s environmental crisis through documentary storytelling.


Documentary storytelling has a long history of giving voice to the voiceless, of listening to those who are not often heard. Observation of the lives of others, human or animal, can convey what facts alone cannot. Here are some facts. Whales are mammals and give birth to live young. They have complex language and social structures. But to watch a mother pilot whale carrying her dead calf on her back, grieving in Blue Planet II – these facts are transformed into something more powerful. Something closer to truth. Nature’s voice rings clear.

In 2020-21, Documentary Australia ran our Environmental Documentary Incubator Program as part of our commitment to building capacity in, and creating collective impact through, documentary storytelling in the environmental space.

The Environmental Documentary Accelerator is the next iteration of this program – moving from capacity building to implementation, from stories to action and impact.

Over the next two years, we aim to:

Support a strategic suite of climate change documentaries that will continue to educate the public.

Provide critical hands-on support in impact strategy design, implementation, distribution and evaluation by:

      • Creating long-lasting impact by designing impact campaigns in collaboration with filmmakers and key partners, and providing support for effective implementation.
    • Building our internal capacity by employing an in-house Senior Impact Producer to manage multiple impact campaigns simultaneously.
    • Developing the sustainability of the sector by identifying and training a group of diverse, emerging Impact Producers to work across the different impact campaigns, developing their skills and experience in a hands-on setting.
    • Strategically supporting the projects in collecting and analysing impact metrics to producing evaluation reports, which will go on to be resources for other films in the future.

Connect films and impact partners in the environment space, providing opportunities for films to be seen by audience and used by existing campaigns to amplify and grow the movement.

If you would like to contribute to Documentary Australia’s core operations outside of this campaign – you can click here.


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