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Documentaries for Change | Screening Program

Host documentary screenings in your workplace or community.

DAF’s screening programs go far beyond just viewing a film. These screenings offer a unique environment around which to engage staff and clients.

We work with our partners to identify what outcomes are desired of the audience and craft a panel discussion following the film with the film team and experts on the issue. Suggested follow up activities and involvement with the film and/or issue also assist in reaching mid to long term outcomes.

If desired, DAF can also introduce the audience or working groups to teasers of films that are currently in-the-making, offering an opportunity to strategise how the films could be used to further impact on the issue.

How does the screening program work?

1. You identify how many screenings you want to host each year, around what issue and what outcomes you want to achieve for your audience
2. DAF will then offer a shortlist of suggested films that meet the criteria. After reviewing the trailers, you will decide which of the films you would like to screen
3. DAF will work with you to identify the appropriate panelists for the after-film discussion
4. DAF will coordinate for the film/s to be delivered and the panelists present
5. DAF will give you marketing collateral to promote the film screening including images, synopsis, trailer links and bios on film team and panelists
6. You will arrange a suitable venue and invite the audience to attend
7. DAF will work with your staff to ensure the smooth running of the event and panel discussion. And if interested, DAF can administer an audience survey to evaluate the impact that the film and discussion has had for the audience
8. DAF will provide you with information on how your audience can take further action on the issues discussed in the film

Suggested Films

Below are lists of DAF films that relate to some popular interest areas. These films are preliminary suggestions, however having a better understanding of the specific outcomes that you seek to address will enable DAF to deliver a more informed selection of films.

Cost of Program

Documentaries For Change Screening Packages are curated for 4 - 6 film screening events per year tailored to your interest areas.

DAF will curate, liaise with and manage all the logistics of the events. DAF doesn’t calculate cost per screenings because some require a lot of work in liaising, others less, but there may be travel and other factors involving speakers. DAF believes in paying filmmakers a screening fee and often speakers also require fees.

Usually the cost is split across different budget areas and can benefit existing charity partners for the corporate as well as employee and clients, so it can have a three fold benefit across many issue areas.

You will be assigned a relationship manager who will be the main contact point with DAF. The relationship manager will conduct initial consultations with you and each of the interest groups and will be responsible for delivering the program as outlined above.


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