We promote the value and diversity of the Arts for Australian culture and society.


The Arts plays a vital role in society – for both participants and spectators, the arts provide an opportunity to engage with new perspectives and experiences.

They provide a platform for social commentary, self-expression, communication and personal development, they contribute to the aesthetic visual, auditory and tactile experiences of places, and they offer an opportunity for communities and individuals to connect with each other.



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Films That Need Your Support


Her Sound Her Story

by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

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key change.

by Dion Condack

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Films You Can Watch


Paul Kelly: Stories of MeWhitelyMidnight Oil – 1984
There Goes Our NeighbourhoodIn The Company of ActorsChinese Take Away
You See MonstersPaper TrailsThe Scribe
Her Sound Her StoryDon’t Stop The Music

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Documentary Australia Arts Initiatives


First launched in 2016, SheDoc is a Documentary Australia Foundation initiative to support female documentary filmmakers, proudly supported by CreateNSW and RØDE Microphones. The fellowship program aims to make a pivotal intervention in a woman’s filmmaking career and is open to women, resident in NSW, working in documentary at any stage of their career and in any key creative role.


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