Zach’s Ceremony

We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Communities’ culture and human rights.

Indigenous Australians continue to fight for their rights, culture, land, education, health and sovereignty.

Major issues include Native Title, disproportionate levels of Indigenous incarceration, discrimination, removal of children, rights to land, environment and country, access to both-ways education, the closure and displacement of communities, health & life expectancy, retention of Indigenous knowledge, languages and culture, and constitutional reform.


Films That Need Your Support

Incarceration Nation

by Helen Morrison

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Jarracharra: The Art Of Country

by Jane Metlikovec

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The Bowraville Murders

by Stefan Moore

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Films You Can Watch

Connection to CountryWe Don’t Need A MapIn My Own Words
Westwind: Djalu’s LegacyServant of SlavePrison Songs
Zach’s CeremonyOccupation: NativeUndermined – Tales from the Kimberley
Teach A Man to FishKanyiniMabo – Life of An Island Man




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