At Documentary Australia, we believe that stories have the power to create change. Documentaries inspire, inform and engage. Our stories provoke empathy, change minds, influence behaviour, bring communities together and catalyse behavioural and systemic change. We use documentary film as a tool for broad-reaching social change.

But this doesn’t happen with a story alone


Around each powerful story is a passionate coalition of partners, using the film in their own way to push the levers of change. This is our Impact Partner Network.

An Impact Partner can be an individual or an organisation that wish to support a story for social change. This may be through skills, knowledge, philanthropy or networks – Allowing for documentaries to get made, to be seen by the right people and to ask audiences to undertake meaningful action.

Impact Partners can also support a suite of stories in one of our issue areas. This allows the impact of individual films to build on each other and to continue to change the conversation.

There are many ways to be an impact partner


Impact partners can play an important role in connecting filmmakers and the story with the issue landscape. If you are an expert in the field, you may partner by providing your knowledge and expertise – and by connecting the film to organisations working to create change.

Films are made to be seen. Screening a documentary is a powerful way to partner. It allows you to bring an issue to life for your audience and to spark immediate action. It ensures that these stories are seen and heard. And it provides the opportunity to start a dialogue in your network and community about driving change.


The partnership can be even more direct. You may choose to support a film through a financial or in-kind donation. All donations to films through Documentary Australia are tax-deductible. Or, you may choose to incorporate the film into the work you do through a partnership. For example, a for-purpose organisation may decide to use the film as an educational tool in the work they are doing – providing benefit for both the organisation and the film.

Join our network to stay informed on how you Can help Documentaries make aN impact


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