PUBLISHED19 Mar 2019

Zach’s Ceremony



One boy’s journey to manhood in a complex, emotionally driven story captured over ten years.


Growing up isn’t easy, especially for Zach who is rapidly making the transition from boyhood to manhood, in both the modern world and his ancient culture. Pressures from his loving, but staunch father, the temptations of city life and the ever present spectre of racism all take their toll. Ultimately Zach must embrace the traditions and knowledge of his ancestors and awaken the warrior within.

Zach’s Ceremony is an extraordinary, feature-length documentary captured over ten years that shows one boy’s journey to manhood in a complex, emotionally driven story. Its themes are universal: that of family and connection, but also explores the fascinating and unique question of what it means to be a modern man belonging to the oldest living culture on earth.

Director Aaron Petersen
Producer Sarah Linton
Year 2017
Duration 99-minute
Rating M


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Education Overview

Zach’s Ceremony is developing an education action kit to accompany the film. Their vision is that today’s students will become stewards of change in emerging generations.  Generations that have a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous history and celebrate the richness of living culture.

Educational Resources

Year Level Primary and Secondary (study guide available for years 7-10)
Topics PDHPE, Indigenous, Australian Culture, Australian Society, Cultural Perspectives, Wellbeing, Personal Goals, Discovery, Journey, Belonging, Adolescence

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