PUBLISHED19 Mar 2019

Waste Not


A short film and multifaceted website which has free to access 1-2 minute clips and classroom activities.


Waste Not is a film about where your garbage goes, who sorts it for you, and what it is worth if it isn’t just tossed into landfill. It’s easier and cheaper to retrieve gold from old computers for instance, than to dig it up. Organics can be used to create fertiliser and green electricity and yet each Australian sends half a tonne of food waste to landfill each year where it is contaminated with chemicals and e-waste. We recycle only 50% of all our waste.

Director Ruth Hessey
Producer Sophie Alstergren
Year 2011
Duration 26-minute
Rating Exempt. Recommended: G


Where to Watch


Education Overview

The emotional punch of Waste Not has elicited a strong response from councils, and the corporate and education sectors, as well as local community groups.

Waste Not has a multifaceted and easy to use website which has free to access 1-2 minute clips from the film partnered with Teachers Notes, Junior and Senior PDFs for The Arts, English, Science and Geography.
The film’s goal is to inspire hope, to create that light bulb moment, and motivate people to change the way they think and act.

• English: Learning to read, write, debate, listen to and view complex texts for a variety of contexts and in a variety of mediums; to adjust and modify use of language with increasing sophistication.

• Arts: Learning to perceive, imagine, create, think, feel, symbolise, communicate, understand and become confident and creative; to explore, experiment, create, analyse and critique, and ultimately discover multiple meanings.

• Science: Learning through understanding, questioning, speculating; exploring theories and explanations built from observations and evidence.

• Geography: Learning “the why of where” through investigation and understanding of the earth and its features, and the distribution of life on earth and its impacts, and the study of different places, and environments.

Educational Resources

Year Level Suitable for all age groups. Tailored activities for Junior and Senior students are available
Subjects Arts; English; Geography; Science
Topics Environment; Waste Management; Primary; Secondary

Waste Not’s Educational Resources