PUBLISHED13 Apr 2022

SheDoc 2022 Relaunch


At Documentary Australia we bring together documentary filmmakers, donors, social sector partners, advocates, educators and many individuals who strive to make the world a better place. We do this by wrapping our arms around the films and surrounding them with partners who can carry them to audiences hungry for meaningful and inspiring content.

Inspired by the next generation who continue to struggle for gender equity, we created SheDoc in 2016 to profile women’s voices in documentary storytelling.

The program supported 6 women over four years to develop new work, to find mentors, to learn from international opportunities and to step out of one role and into another.

We have re-launched the SheDoc program for 2022 and if you’d like to get involved, join our circle and attend more special events or special screenings, please click here for more information on our SheDoc 2022 program and to join as a supporter.


One of our SheDoc recipients who joined us at the relaunch event was Philippa Bateman. A very experienced drama producer, Philippa has now directed her first documentary which is currently screening in cinemas around the country.

Wash My Soul in the Rivers Flow is one of the most beautiful poetic love stories we have seen in many years. It tells the story of Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach in song.

Wash My Soul in the Rivers Flow

In a very different example, Sonja Pemberton and Daniella Ortega have made Carbon. Sonja is one of the country’s most respected science documentary filmmakers and their take on Carbon offers a unique lens on a much-discussed element. Women tell stories differently. This one personifies Carbon as a woman. It’s beautiful.


The films we’ve shown you so far are all completed. We’d now like to give you a sneak peek at something in production. Knowing the Score – produced by Margie Bryant and directed by Janine Hosking, this documentary introduces us to the extraordinary Simone Young, conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and one of the very few female conductors on the world stage. To read more or support this project, please click here.

Knowing the Score

Our hope is to build a strong, leadership circle to support documentaries that focus on issues that expose inequality, shift attitudes, spread awareness and promote lasting change for women of the future. We’ll meet throughout the year to be inspired again and track our progress.

Join our quest with your support for SheDoc here, or, if have any ideas or would like to discuss this further, please contact:

Sharlene Dadd our Partnerships and Development Director here. 

If you are a filmmaker and you want to submit and expression of interest for this program send us a message here.