PUBLISHED12 Nov 2021

Lessons from the Field: Environmental Docos



Hear from three filmmakers as they share their experience of successfully creating impact, building digital campaigns and fundraising

Documentary Australia is proud to present Lessons from the Field, a practical showcase and celebration of the achievements and lessons of three environmental documentaries: Cry of the ForestsVoices of the River and The Giants.

Join us as Jane Hammond, Stephanie King and Laurence Billiet share key lessons and learnings around engaging communities for change, building and activating digital audience and finding alignment for partnerships and fundraising.

A must-watch for anyone interested in how storytelling can drive change to protect our environment – and any filmmaker looking to create impact.

The Conversation

The Films

Cry of the Forests

Cry of the Forests has been an instrumental tool in ending native forest logging in WA, with the Government committing to end this practice by 2024 as a direct result of the increased public pressure from voters who saw the film. The film worked closely with partners to activate the community to directly lobby MPs – putting this issue on the map and creating change.

Voices of the River

This web-series is a true collaboration between the Traditional Owners of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River and a coalition of partners, committed to bringing the plight of this heritage-listed river to a large audience online. Using a digital and unique approach to distribution, the campaign has built and educated an audience to take real action to protect one of the world’s last wild rivers.

The Giants

The Giants is a long-overdue biopic of environmentalist Bob Brown, a National Living Treasure, the first openly gay member of parliament in Australia and leader of the world’s first Green party. The film team has worked to develop impact and philanthropic relationships early, finding key alignments to create long-term partnerships for impact.