PUBLISHED30 Nov 2020

Environmental Documentary Incubator Program Projects 2020


This program is part of Documentary Australia Foundation’s commitment to building capacity in, and creating collective impact through, documentary storytelling.

The Environmental Documentary Incubator Program is part of Documentary Australia Foundation’s commitment to building capacity in, and creating collective impact through, documentary storytelling.

We already know the far reaching and lasting change one film can create. The Environment Documentary Incubator Program aims to amplify this impact, by building capacity across a strong suite of films that educate and engage the public on climate change and environmental action. Our goal is to have films build on the impact and action of those that have come before – ultimately moving the dial and conversation when it comes to climate action. 

Documentary Australia Foundation will be working with a range of environmental films and impact partners over two years to help support environmental action for years to come. 

Over two years of the program we aim to:  

    • Support a strategic suite of climate change documentaries that will continue to educate the public;  
    • Provide critical support and capacity building for pipeline projects across impact strategy, campaign design and rollout, partnership development and evaluation; and,  
    • Develop a powerful Impact Partner Network across the environment space, connecting impactful stories with existing networks and campaigns.

Get involved:

If you’d like your project to be considered for the Incubator, or if you are a NGO that would like to become part of our Impact Partner Network, please contact us at

Incubator Projects



Rivers are the arteries of our planet and the means by which humanity continues to thrive and survive.
By looking at the profound impact river systems have had in shaping human history, this film seeks to shift perceptions around the urgent threats which have been mounting towards the world’s great rivers in the last century: reckless pollution, irresponsible water wastage, and damming driven by corporate and political greed. Beyond these immediate threats to the health and quality of rivers around the world, this film seeks to change perceptions and help audiences understand the true threat of climate change – and the tipping point we have found ourselves at as a species.


A Tree is For Life


Join a stunning global odyssey spanning 370 million years and six continents, as we meet the remarkable trees which have shaped our existence, and the inspirational people ensuring their – and our – survival. Part love letter, part wake-up call, this beautiful, thought-provoking documentary will make you re-think everything you know about trees, while also illustrating how their future, and ours with it, is in your hands.