PUBLISHED13 Apr 2021

Documentary Finance Workshop

A full-day workshop focused on the most important aspects of documentary budgeting and finance.

Event Details

Registrations close 9th December 2021 at 5:00 pm

9th December 2021


9:30AM - 1:00PM


Join us to gain insight into the most important financial aspect of your documentary project

Join us for an all-day workshop as we explore the most important aspects of documentary finance

Are you are working on your project’s finance plan? Then this workshop is for you.

Dr. Mitzi Goldman (CEO) and Lisa Sherrard (CFO) will guide filmmakers through the most important aspects of these important finance plans, impact budgets, and understanding managing your cash flow.


How It Works:

This is a digital workshop – before the event, filmmakers will receive an email with a link to join our webinar.

Throughout the session, filmmakers will get the opportunity to interact with other filmmakers and receive resources to help them develop their own financial plans after the workshop.

The session is designed to leave attendees with a number of takeaways essential to developing a successful financial plan and impact budget.

These workshops can be taken individually, or by a film teams to gain:

  • A clearer understanding and documentary finance plans.
  • An insight into how to effectively organise and track an impact budget.
  • Resources to help them prepare documentary finance plans.
  • A deeper understanding of cashflow management.

Email [email protected] for enquiries

This workshop was developed with the support of Screen NSW.