PUBLISHED27 May 2021

Australian Screen Production Incentives

The Government has released the draft legislation for the Australian Screen Production Incentives for comment until 31 May.

This legislation includes changes to QAPE for feature content and will significantly impact documentary.

This is your chance to let the Government know that the documentary sector is deeply concerned about the impacts of these reforms.

Documentary Australia Foundation will prepare a response, but the more submissions raising these concerns, the better.

We strongly encourage you to make a submission if you are concerned about these proposed changes.


Have Your Say Here


You can find a template submission for inspiration below – but we encourage you to make these submissions personal and distinct. You can read more about guidelines for submissions here.

Please note – submissions must be made by midnight on 31 May and must be sent in .doc or .rtf format. If you wish for your submission to be confidential, please indicate that at the top and do not include your name and details in the body of your submission.


Key changes proposed in the Exposure Draft Bill:

– Increasing the QAPE threshold for all feature films from $500,000 to $1M – meaning only feature films with budgets over $1M will be eligible for the Producer Offset.

– Removing the Gallipoli Clause, which permits some costs (such as Australian crew wages) incurred outside of Australia to be claimed as QAPE.

– Limiting the amount of copyright or archival costs able to be claimed as QAPE to 30% of total production expenditure.

– Removing the ability to count any expenditure on general business overheads towards QAPE.

– Limiting the value of ‘above the line’ costs which can be counted towards QAPE to 20% of the total production expenditure.


Submission Template



Documentary Australia Foundation’s open letter can be found here, If you need to refer to it for any information.

Share this opportunity to comment with others in your network who want to see Australian documentaries protected.

If you have any questions or need support with your submission – please get in touch here.