PUBLISHED13 Apr 2021

Advanced Impact Workshop

Building on our popular Impact & Fundraising 101 webinar, this full-day workshop explores advanced models of impact.

Event Details

Registrations close 24th November 2021 at 5:00 pm

25th November 2021


9:30AM - 3:30PM


Join us to explore advanced impact and social engagement models.

Join us for an all-day workshop to develop a deeper understanding of social engagement strategies and explore advanced models of impact.

This workshop is for filmmakers and impact producers who have previously undertaken the Impact & Fundraising 101 workshop.

During this workshop, Clara Williams Roldan (Impact and Education Director) will take filmmakers through advanced models of impact, using examples from past projects and providing filmmakers with useful resources.

You should leave the workshop with an understanding of how to better plan your impact and engage audiences in social change, with key elements of your strategy defined.


How It Works:

The workshop is designed to leave attendees with a number of takeaways essential to developing effective impact strategies.

This workshop can be taken individually, or by a film team to gain:

  • A deeper understanding of social impact and how to better engage supporters.
  • Insight into the best impact models and strategies.
  • The ability to effectively develop philanthropic and impact partnerships.
  • Access to a number of useful impact resources.

Email [email protected] for enquiries

This workshop was developed with the support of Screen NSW.