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Documentary filmmakers  

“To make a difference, to just about any issue, telling your story through a powerful documentary and getting it seen by the right audience is one of the most effective things you can do”

- Dr Mitzi Goldman, CEO

The Documentary Australia Foundation was established to support documentary filmmakers create films that inspire change across a broad range of issues. We do this by offering fiscal sponsorship (we award approved filmmakers Deductible Gift Recipient Status) and other support services such as quarterly workshop series to independent filmmakers to help them achieve their goals and maximise their social impact.  

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship sees selected documentary projects to completion by acting as a non-profit tax-exempt umbrella organisation for the project. One of the major hurdles for any film project is fundraising, and having fiscal sponsorship can expand your possibilities. Many public and private institutions, along with individual donors, require non-profit status to make tax-deductible donations. By providing fiscal sponsorship, DAF enables projects to receive funding from sources they were previously ineligible to receive. 

Thinking about applying to DAF?  Remember, you must be actively fundraising or about to begin fundraising to be eligible.  

Filmmaker Support

Our Impact & Funding Hack series, another benefit of our filmmaker support program, offers low cost workshops each quarter in both Sydney and Melbourne.  These workshops are targeted at all levels of filmmakers, with highly experienced and successful professionals from the  film industry conducting the classes. They provide valuable and practical information about the financial aspects of social impact documentary filmmaking, partnership building opportunities within the philanthropic sector as well as how to effectively deliver and evaluate social impact campaigns to support your film’s real and lasting impact.




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